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Apr 1, 2018
Oct 24, 2012
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Kukansis was last seen:
Apr 1, 2018
    1. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      I can help out with editing! :D Send the link whenever you can and I'll get to it!
    2. Akiyama
      You're welcome for the review on Sentience. I look forward to more :)
    3. TheCharredDragon
      I know. But I keep procrastinating. XP Actually, it's the chapter after my last review, where Dare was overconfident in swimming.
    4. TheCharredDragon
      Man, I have a bit to catch up on Sentience... X/
    5. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Probably gonna do it tomorrow. I'm trying to catch up on things and the like, but I'll catch up in due time.

      The vacation was extremely cold. I don't like the cold snow. :< But it was still fun getting to see my sisters again!
    6. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      I just returned from vacation. Do you want me to make some beta-comments on your doc as soon as possible?
    7. Azurus
      And now we arrive at Ku, yes, you. Probably my most active friend here, and I thank you for the fun times we share, as I fear I would be dreadfully bored without ya. Here's to another year of friendship and shenanigans!
    8. Azurus
      Merry Christmas Ku, having fun with stuff today? For me it's just another day, but with Clue, ad Dungeons and Dragons, at the same time.
    9. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Merry Christmas!
    10. Azurus
      So, the 2 parties join up, after the first labyrinth, and seem to be 1 level higher than you. (Atleast on the P3 path)
    11. Brutaka
      Screw Sm4sh, I have nostalgia to drown in!
    12. Brutaka
      Yeah, the problem fo rmy Jigglypuff is that he hits hard and takes a lot of percent to kill him. Most characters, I just need to get 50% on them for rest to be lethal, but for him, it takes at least 80%. Thats also why Bowser also gave me some trouble.

      Well, yes, Im pretty much doing nothing but dodge+grabs, which works. But then once their in lethal rest range, I actually have to hit them with Rest, which is hard when it's dodge-able, counter-able, and block-able.
    13. Brutaka
      And King Dedede is killing me.

      Why is King Dedede killing me.


      Anyway, yes, Im sure you will, and I'm sure my friend will have no trouble simply dodging it, since thats what the computers like to do regardless. So I have to catch them when they're in the middle of an attack, which isnt easy.
    14. Brutaka
      Yeah, with your battles and the ones I have with my irl friends. And yes, the Jigglypuff. She's actually my main now! I'm working on beating all of the lvl 9 cpus with her. So far, Ive beaten Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Rosalina&Luma, Bowser Jr., Wario, Mr. Game&Watch, Donkey Kong, Diddly Kong, Link, Zelda, Shiek, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Pit, Palutena, Marth, Ike, Robin, and Kirby. Mario was the hardest, and Toon Link & Ike gave me trouble as well. Peach and Diddy Kong were the easiest so far. Oh, and 99% of my ko's have been with rest - only 1 one opponents life was lost to regular smashes across all of these matches. The opponents did SD a few times, especially on Diddy Kong, Ike, and Kirby.

      Right now, I'm learning to get around blocks, dodges, and counters and rest them to death anyway. It's actually working, but requires stupid amounts of dodging.
    15. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Sure thing! Chapter 8, right? I'll get to it when I have the chance!
    16. Krok
      I said it once,
      And I'll say it again,
    17. Krok
      Good. I don't really want to hear about anymore problems. I was greeted with three within the first two hours of the day. inb4 you wonder, all of them can be summed up as: people not doing the jobs they're paid to do.
    18. Azurus
      I choose segregation.
      I think most of my characters that "specialize" get well over 300 in their respective stat.

      Eh, I do know that about you. You only casually play them, you don't go out of your way to min-max.
    19. Azurus
      Can do. I'll go through the songs tonight or tomorrow.
      Does it? I don't think it's stereotyping as segregating...
      And then she learns Strength up level 2 for 40 str -30 agi. She has 280+ at level 43 now.

      That is insane, do you make sure to get lots of crit boost cards in there to maximize cp gain?
    20. Azurus
      Yeah, it does. :c Oh well, what can you do?

      I'll see if I can find that song again, my latest chaos map has the songs in it that are like that. (medium maps, ultimates for 80% of the stages.)
      Yes, I am aware of that. And that's cool that it does that for both. (Understandable there.)
      with abilities, dark (+50 {increased damage taken}) and sacrifice (+45 -500hp) and I did dump a bunch of cards into her, though nothing really went over 15 in any category, except HP, which I boosted by around 400.

      Do you know if you can use CP up cards to raise CP over 50?
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