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  • Some birds like Swellow and Staraptor were treated well imo.
    But I am really excited to see Fletchling evolve. The timing for it evolving is perfect too, right after a flamethrower.
    Ueah, I read about that holding hands part. Also, the video preview for the next episode looks really good. Fletchling evolves after getting hit by Talonflame's Flamethrower.
    Sure. Nice to meet a fellow writer :D And the same reason I generally only do one-shots. What fanfic ideas do you have?
    It's good that it didn't get Sap Sipper. It would have been too overpowered. Grass types are it's only weakness and if we go according to looks, M Swampert looks like it will have great defenses.
    I am not sure. Most probably Treecko or maybe Torchic.
    I won't be able to play it too soon after it's release. I will be having my exams around that time.
    M Blaziken is OP with the speed boost ability. So is m Lucario. That ability is just not fair. I mean there is n ability to raise attack, defense,etc each turn, so why even have a speed boosting ability?
    It might be fair with a pokemon like Ninjask as it's other stats are low, but with Pokemon whose stats are already good like Blaziken's or Lucario's, it just isn't fair.
    Interesting, interesting. I'd say in Kanto it's Charmander, but the others are good too Johto it's Cyndaquil, Hoenn was between Treecko or Torchic, Sinnoh was all of them, Unova was between Oshawott and Snivy, and Kalos was just Froakie. Any way you go is great though.
    No problem. I love Greninja too, so epic. Really? Interesting. I think that the hardest decision for me is..Hoenn, Kanto, and Sinnoh. Im thinking of getting Treecko or Torchic in ORAS, I'm getting either Omega or Alpha. My sister is trolling me about that.
    XY Season might change that. i mean the ratings are low and we have got many things that never happened in the earlier series. Eg : Serena's obvious hints.
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