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Kung Fu Ferret

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  • Oddly, it said you were already approved. Must be a glitch. I'll go check things out for you ;)
    GOOGLE....its on google now. No wonder these trolls keep finding me now.

    I'm glad kung fu ferret=you, though. I had to disable sign ups again, cuz new members kept posting REALLY MEAN things there....

    And thanks for joining before i disabled sign ups again :)
    Hi Kung Fu :3

    Dragonfree joined my forum resently. Thought i'd share that with you, since we were both members of her forum.

    I hope you are doing well too. I know we don't talk much, but i felt like being friendly to you today :3
    I wonder if it would make sense to add a rule to your quote-guessing game that you can't say "I don't know". It seems people post that more than anything else.
    I posted on tcod today but only in the blaziken fan club lol

    I also removed a dead image from my sig haha
    Hey, you can do the next round of pokemon 20 questions if you want. if not, pass it to dragalge I suppose.
    Awesome :3 Do you ever talk to butterfree (aka Dragonfree) on here? I message her sometimes. She can be interesting to talk to.
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