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    Pokemon Evolutions: Series of shorts

    About The Visionary (+) Serena looked dope in this artstyle (+) I actually like the "faceless" protagonists, it's a nice touch of impersonality indicating that it's the playable character (+) Nice visuals (-) Diantha's face is kinda off (-) This episode should have explained Lysandre's motives...
  2. Kungfu-Bear

    The Cleffa That Became a Star! (1172)

    As an episode that brings, at once, two returns that I was looking forward to in the series (Cynthia and Unown), I'm glad it was solid. (+) Beautiful little story about a girl who lost her pet, with a bittersweet ending. I never thought the story would turn so dark yet so heartwarming (+) Yuki...
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    Alcremie's Super Sweet Battle?! (1171)

    My personal thoughts (I haven't read the thread yet so I might be being redundant): (+) More Galar (+) Leon's affinity for getting lost, finally. I was already finding him an even more bland character in the anime (+) Full of continuity (for Journeys this is something) (+) New interactions with...
  4. Kungfu-Bear

    Pokemon Evolutions: Series of shorts

    (+) Good animation overall, especially on Necrozma vs Lunala. I was expecting they'd both just shoot some lasers at each other but it was a surprisingly well choreographed fight. (+) Selene's entrance was unnecessarily cool and I loved it (+) Nice music when Lillie got ready to fight alongside...
  5. Kungfu-Bear

    October 8th: PM2019 083 - The Py That Became A Star

    Maybe it's just me but I really don't want to see Goh catching Unown here, I count it as Legendary status as it's extremely rare since lives in other dimensions and is commonly seen alongside other big Legendary such as Dialga, Palkia and even Arceus, plus it will be strange to see an Unown...
  6. Kungfu-Bear

    A Clash?! BluePoké Maniacs! (1170)

    A little late but here my thoughts: (+) First shiny for Goh (although I don't particularly care that much) (+) James cross-dress never gets old. (+) Sonansu going back to his pokeball by himself cus some perverts was funny, also I think it's the 1st time we’ve seen him in his ball since XY? (+)...
  7. Kungfu-Bear

    October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

    I wonder if MegaStone would really be needed to defeat Bea's Grapploct, since baby Riolu was already a match for it with just a few 'weeks' of training.
  8. Kungfu-Bear

    Trial Mission! Volcarona's Golden Scales!! (1169)

    I'm a critic of Journeys as well and I was surprised how congruent and well cared everything was during this ep, at least until the unnecessary Legendary flex at the end. Even though Tsurugi said they were only there to capture the hunters, and he and Asahi arrived before Ash start to battle, I...
  9. Kungfu-Bear

    Trial Mission! Volcarona's Golden Scales!! (1169)

    My thoughts: (+) Finally some interaction between Asahi and Tsurugi (+) So, I'm right about Asahi being a water-type specialist. Kind logical to come up with that but let me have my moment. (+) Tsurugi is a good guy (+) Callback to past episodes and events (Alola-Ninetales, Golurk, the weird...
  10. Kungfu-Bear

    Pokemon Evolutions: Series of shorts

    It wasn't easy to find this topic somehow. My thoughts on Episode #01: The Champion: Pros: + Decent animation, Generations-level + Good facial expressions, demonstrating emotions and issues without having to use words + Charizard has a badass look here just like in Origins, very intimidating...
  11. Kungfu-Bear

    October 1st: PM2019 082 - Mawhip's Super Sweet Battle?!

    This sounds like another filler but it has potential to show some interesting interactions and maybe relevant information about the characters or the next challengers for Ash. I just hope Leon and Raihan aren't wasted if this is just a 'filler' about making cakes featuring Alcremie. I'm more...
  12. Kungfu-Bear

    I wasn't expecting to find a professed christian around here, but I'm glad I did. I believe we...

    I wasn't expecting to find a professed christian around here, but I'm glad I did. I believe we need to get closer and closer to Christ from now on, because it seems like things in the world are moving towards what Jesus revealed to John back in Patmos. If you need anything pls contact me.
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    September 10th: PM2019 080 - Trial Mission! Ulgamoth's Golden Scales!!

    @AnderMallony @Martinat388 @Dragonsoldier77 These are all fair possibilities, the thing is Kubfu is no ordinary Legendary either, it's a game mascot. So I think it's a little less likely that it's showing in the anime will boil down to just a flashback or Pokedex entry (although I'd be ok with...