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Jul 5, 2012
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    1. SamiKat
      Hello, do you still have the Zeraora available (preferably UT) and/or a Hoenn cap Pikachu? I have multiple gold bottle caps; I’d be willing to trade one for one with you.
    2. e6life
      Unless you’ve already traded them, I’d like to trade you a Golden Bottle Cap for each of your Apricorn Balls. That’s 7, I think. I have more than that if I miscounted. Could you PM me your reply, please?
    3. bigmakisback
      Hi I'd like to trade a Gold cup for a shiny poipole code if you have one still
    4. mysterytrainer2
      I'm also in need of those events too!
    5. mysterytrainer2
      Hi I have two Shiny Zygarde Codes Unused and will trade for a Special Cap
      Pikachu and a Marshadow if you still have one please P.M. me back soon if your interested with my 2 codes along with 2 free Shinies legitally Caught by me!
    6. EpicSeraph
      Hi, is your play! Mewtwo and shiny beldum still available? Have gold bottle caps ready
    7. 2rsa
      Hello~ ^^
      Do you still have spare shiny Zygarde codes? I'll be happy to trade for a golden bottle cap.
    8. saPower1000
      Sure thing! Ready to trade if you do. Also, your inbox is full so I can post my FC here if you want
    9. LadyTriox
      Hello :3 I'd like to be your friend, too^^
    10. PrismaticPrincessAnna
      I need a lucky egg. I have all the starters for it?
    11. Scherzando
      Hi! I can get you a hidden ability Geodude in a Heavy Ball in exchange for a Dawn Stone.
    12. Mikazuki Marazhu
      Mikazuki Marazhu
      Your Arceus [Unova] for my 6IV [Japanese] Shiny Ditto
    13. Yknot
      hey looks like you are still having internet problems or something doesn't look like you have added me yet.

      Gonna step out side for a bit. Gonna do some breeding try to keep an eye out see if you come back.
    14. Yknot
      hey there it looks like you haven't added me yet.

      Did i give you the right FC? my 3DS name should be Rautha or Rauthuzad
    15. kinvara
      sent you a pm about trade plz read
    16. kinvara
      sweet my code is 1306-8681-0584 whats yours ? i'll be on all day checking my message vm's and private
      my 3x master balls in return of your 3x hidden power regis thats a deal see you online when i get your code that is
    17. kinvara
      i'll trade you 3x master balls in return i would like the 3x hidden power regi's let me know if you want to trade leave a vm and i'll get back to you if you want to trade
    18. Strytho
      i'm online
    19. Poisok
      Hello again.

      I will leave you my FC (3024-6068-1459). If you could give me yours I will be ready for the trade the next time I go online.

    20. Poisok
      Hi! Sorry, my inbox was full. Yes, I still want to make the trade. Thanks!
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