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  • Hey hows it going, my fc is 4699-6548-2729
    I saw your message in the friend safari topic, so yeah
    IM a ground type safari and i really need a HA teddirusa
    Hello sir, I was wondering if we could exchange friend codes for friend safari! Now, I apologize to be one of those people who needs a ditto, but visit my VM to make sure it is okay.
    I don't have my 3DS on me right now, do you think we could wait a little while later? My timezone is EST, so maybe 7:30 PM?
    Hey could you get on Wifi so I can unlock the third slot to your friend safari? that's the one with the ditto lol.
    EDIT: Thanks! I hope you enjoy your Dusclops
    FC is 4656-6866-6571, and my friend safari has Phantump, Dusclops, and Shuppet.

    I have been desperately looking for Dittos, I hope my friend safari will please you!
    BTW your inbox is full, had to go to this instead!
    Hey man, I want to add your friend safari! I have an electric type safari with luxio, hepiotile and pacharisu. But if you're not looking for that I can get you a razor fang!
    Hello there,
    Hope you're doing great =D!
    Your safari zone is really great (it have a ditto duh xD)
    The following is what I can offer ..

    FC : 1693 - 1699 - 1612
    Pokemon in my Safari (Fairy) : Togepi - Swirlix - Clefairy

    FC: 3823 - 9719 - 1441
    Pokemon in my Safari (Ghost) : Shuppet - Phantump - Golurk

    I hope you consider .. or at least add a fellow pokemon trainer in need of dittos xD!
    I can get you a Larvesta though!
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