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  • That is a good idea, kuriboh. Let me post something so the people could understand.
    Thanks for your ideas!
    Cinder says,

    "What things do these people like? I would like to cuddle up with a stuffed me, but these people like other things. Let's see...Perry? A bit evil, I must add. And scary, AS I DONT FEEL GOOD WITH ANGRY WATER TYPES!! Whew...and Gabby, a bit TOO talkative. Aerosmith was a bit selfish too....ah well. Pokemon like what they like."
    Cinder says,

    "OMG!! These pokemon are supposed to be fighters! I can't believe Kelli and Aerosmith ran away. What's wrong with them!?!?!?!?!?!"

    I say,

    "Im sorry. Cinder is furious. She can't write anymore."
    Gary says Kelly Clarkson because Pokemon are ment to battle not just sing dance and think cute Electric mouse pokemon are sexy.
    Gary says: Even though manipulative ended the event I do have a bit of a grudge against Percy but I will vote manipulative this round
    Cinder says:

    "Well, Manipulative went a bit crazy, but that little azurill scares me with all his stabbing people. IM WEAK AGAINST WATER!! *breathing heavily* Whew. Good thing im a judge instead of a contestant. Apples certainly likes to fight doesn't he? He's a bit TOO brave if you ask me. And Billy Jean forgot to put his blindfold on...not very good at reading the details of things. Pippie didn't do a lot of things either...but back to Manipulative...his name says it all. Grrr."
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