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Kurloz Makara

Like Pokemon? Like Grelle Sutcliffe and treating her like the woman she is? Then I'm your friend!

Pls notify me when I'm able to change names, I'd like to get out of my Homestuck phase asap...

SW: 2353-8441-0921
July 24
In the dark, doing cryptid things.
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
3738 0398 8876
Loud and proud Grelle fan!


Discord ID
Squishy Cryptid#3038


Street Fighter, The Elder Scrolls, Dangan Ronpa, Final Fantasy, Fable, Black Butler, Pokemon and Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan.
Fandom mentality scares me. o~o
Grelle Sutcliffe is a lady. 'Nuff said.
3DS FC: 3738 0398 8876

If you see a trainer named Sanctuary in Festival Plaza, that's me! :D

Mister_SGG;17095243 said:
Actually I'm back b/c I plugged in my amp and playing one note when my grandpa came in and told me to stfu

So now I'm just sitting here stroking my guitar while naked