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Kurloz Makara

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  • I like a lot of the characters too, but for some reason I just can't stand Weevil, Tristian and especially Tea. I like Seto Kaiba the best, followed by Noah, Mokuba, Duke, Valon, Joey and Yugi :)
    If it turns out to be anything off her second album I won't know it. I heard bad things about that album so I never bothered listening to it ^_^;
    By breeding, I think.

    She did have a song called Runaway but it's more recent that the two you mentioned, although still pretty old, so I dunno...

    I think it's her image that they dislike more than anything. I usually get flak for liking Avril Lavigne more than anything else >_>
    I'd have to list my favourite artists (at the moment, at least) as Green Day, KT Tunstall, Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga... *shotmultipletimes*
    Yeah, but glasses get dirty and it's a pain, and my left ear doesn't like them any more so the top of the back of it is permanently sore T_T

    Um, what I usually say is that I'll listen to anything but rap (except Eminem who is awesome), most of the kind of music you'd hear it nightclubs and the kinds of rock that are mostly screaming with no real tune to them. I have a really weird mix of favourite artists though ^_^; You?
    Yeah...just a little...

    It was fine, I just got measured for contacts, basically. I'm sick of having to wear glasses all the time.
    Oh God, yes, I honestly really do but I've got an eye appointment in the morning and I should be in bed already tbh, so I really can't :/ Please don't take it personally or anything (I don't know if that's a general Aspie trait or just me, though) cos it honestly isn't... :/
    Or maybe people who are confused about their sexality develop Asperger's! :O I think I may well be either bi or highly repressed gay. I kind of hope I'm the latter, it'd make things quite a bit easier for me in several ways xD

    ANYWAY, I'm going to have one of these early night things I've heard so much about. Hope to speak again tomorrow, or soon anyway :D
    Well, your sig kind of suggests that you might find the same sex attractive, if you catch my drift. See, I notice these little things :p
    Yeah, I don't suppose that leaves a lot of time for eating or anything.

    I've just realised that I'm discussing the relative attractiveness of video game characters who are the same sex as me xD
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