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Kurloz Makara

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  • Nooo, my stick! His name was George. We were going to elope to Hawaii next week :p *climbs out of the hole covered in more dirt* No, you got dirt all over you and now I feel guilty. At least you weren't at the bottom of the hole, it was kind of disgusting down there... ¬_¬
    *pokes you with a stick* You do realise that I'm stuck in the hole as well now? You're kind of in the way. I never planned to die stuck in a hole ¬_¬

    Curses, I've been found out...
    *hides down a hole* NEVERRRR.

    And yes. I am honestly sure. 100%. totally sure. There is no way that I find Téa or Misty remotely attractive in any way whatsoever. Absolutely noOHHH, SNAP >_<
    Yeah, the whole thing seems kinda pointless.

    Ehhhh, I wasn't necessarily thinking of any specific character or anime.




    The Orichalcos arc.

    I think he's a psychopath/sociopath, whatever you want to call it. And, well, yeah, anime style people tend to be a bit attractive >_>
    Cards and anime, although season 4 is terrible T_T I've spent waaaay too much money on the cards over the years. I sometimes regret it.

    What is it that you like about Cyrus? (I would agree that he's a good villain, at least.)
    I think normal people are boring. None of my friends are normal, otherwise they wouldn't be my friends.

    I'd say Yu-Gi-Oh!. I seem to kind of flick at random between a set list of obsessive interests, and that's the one I'm on at the moment.
    Lugia: Timid
    Entei: Timid's fine
    Suicune: Bold for a defensive moveset, Timid for offensive
    Raikou: Timid, but you could probably make do with Naive if you don't mind a special defense drop
    Latias: Timid
    Ho-oh: Jolly's perfectly workable
    Moltres: Modest's fine
    Charizard: Modest can work with a Special set
    Blaziken: Adamant or Jolly on a physical set, Mild or Rash on a mixed set. Never Modest
    Empoleon: Modest would generally be the best pick
    Typhlosion: Timid or maybe Modest
    Feraligatr: Adamant
    Giratina: Bold or maybe Impish, for Altered Forme at least
    Sceptile: Timid, or Modest, or Hasty, depending on the set
    Articuno: Timid or Modest on an offensive set, Calm on defensive
    Zapdos: I would say Timid
    Kyogre: Timid or Modest
    Groudon: Adamant, preferably, but maybe Jolly
    Mewtwo: Modest or Timid.

    For the movesets and stuff, so you can make the decisions more easily and such, go here. That's what I generally do.
    Um, kinda. I do all the EVs, IVs, movesets stuff, but I've only battled in anything like a competitive environment a few times. I could probably give tips if you need them though, yeah ^_^
    I'm kind of myself online, except less inhibited. I think it's the anonymity that does it. And yeah, I see your point on the Dattebayo thing. I get the impression there are people on the site who don't really like me as well, and I think that comes from the fact that I quite often say things without really thinking them over first.
    It would indeed...

    I suppose that's just one Aspie, though, so I don't really have a point for comparison (unless that guy who I suspect is an Aspie actually is an Aspie). I've talked to a few on the Internet but I don't think that's the same since people tend to act differently online.
    It like talking to any other person, mostly, except not. If that made any sense. I have had 1 Aspie friend irl so guess I'm kinda practised or something...
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