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  • Yeah, National Dex is always a top priority for me in any new game. I'm done for now, so once my team is done, I'll be back to shiny hunting.
    oh, my god, you're alive

    I actually just got onto the forums again by chance, I don't really play too much pokemon anymore. if you visit any xats we can do some catching up tho
    That's good. I more or less just revolve between different Pokemon I want to train up. I don't really build teams. And it seems pretty cool from where I'm at.
    Hm, better than mine. Normally Rufflet would be new for me, but I've already completed the available 80% of the National Dex. :p
    Junior in high school. I got Y as well. I enjoyed the story a lot but I wish it was a little more expanded. Do you have wifi? I am kind of in the need of good pokemon for a team hahah

    It's awesome hearing from you. Ah, reminds me of the old days of our youth and crime.
    Fabulous gameplay and music (especially music), though the story was slightly less impressive than BW. Tons of nice additions I enjoyed, like the PWT and shiny charm. And sure, mine is 0447-5370-2025. Bug type with Combee, Illumise and Venomoth.
    Ah, my other three were Dunsparce, Lucario, and I remember I also used Goodra. Thanks! I'll be continuing a hunt for Torchic I started in Black 2, since I've always wanted one of those.
    I was satisfied with the story. I had Delphox, Helioptile and Aegislash for my in-game team, but that was it. I've trained a Blaziken and Charizard for their Megas, at least. Most of my teams will probably be mixed, but once I get this team done, I'll mostly be focusing on shiny hunting again.
    Ah, I just started college in late August, so I guess I'm kinda in the same position. I'm currently building up a team right now so that I have something for battles. The game is very refreshing, even if the story wasn't what people thought it would be.
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