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  • hey, it's been a while. i finally got PO, and i was thinking we should have a battle sometime... vm me when u get back on, if ever
    lol i never heard anyone ANYONE diss disneyland before xD i mean i love it there, seniors when they graduate highschool go there for gradnight for heavens sake!
    we battle soon, yea? and the poke I was going to give you is going to have to wait a while :'(
    2nd year^^ but i messed up my 1st year not so bad i can't recover just a bit messy, and thankz btw i might have another poke for you later
    yea at least i have something to work forward to, i was just thinking that actually i might volunteer in a fire station being a firefighter is also something i've been some what interested in doing.....damn school starts soon too
    lol yeah thats why i don't i feel like going for it anymore.
    My friend wants to be a nurse and she wants to go to hawii ^^ to study she asked if i'd join her i said sure with no hesitation, maybe i'll study in NY, idk what I want to be...
    Stats are required for college, GE and all and im thinking of going into be an Architect but honestly im not fully sure anymore
    well i blame myself really cuz i never did the homework and/ studied so ended with a C but then he brought a surprise quiz that screwed me so i rather have taken the drop fail; my sis took stats twice she has problems understanding math
    LOL btw like a boss? HG SS are my favorites probably because G/S/C were my favorites too
    Also idk why but i find funny when you say 'kewl' hahaha
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