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  • no lol you get points from battling. 1 point if you lose, 3 points if you win. you spend those points to have a rank up battle with a leader. And if you win your battle you rank up. but it costs more and more points the higher rank you are of course. Pretty simple. The only reason you would have a test battle with me is to see if your team is working like you wanted it to. I usually help people build teams in the clan. Though i am quite forgetful ^__^;
    We(most) are almost always up for a battle on PO :} just visit the chat and get to know us
    and have random battles too.
    btw the chat is in BGP's signature.
    Thats very cool. Do I have to take a test battle to get my ranking in the clan ?
    no. Everyone starts at the lowest rank and u do rank up battles with credits to move up. U could check purps post for the details.
    And hi btw :}
    Yeah i use an average level team based on drac members favorite pokes to help test drac members new teams on PO. If they end up liking the team they use i can poketemp it for them and trade it to them over wifi.
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