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Last Activity:
Apr 12, 2014
Aug 10, 2011
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to see you smile, from Your Closet

~Kurou was last seen:
Apr 12, 2014
    1. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      No, but I can try to get you one. They are hard to catch though.

      0_o ...um...what was happening in the background?
    2. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      Really? I didn't see you @_@
      I'm returning now. BTW, I couldn't get a Zoura, so I only have just the Zoroark.
    3. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      I was there? I thought you just said I wasn't there. You know what, it may be my connection settings again, give me one more min.
    4. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      Here, let me check your number again and reenter the room.
    5. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      From time to time. But we enjoy just having fun discussions w/ each other and telling stories to one another.

      P.S. FC: 1506 7722 4395 (I love my Zoroark C-gear skin ^^)
    6. ~Kurou
      anyone who visits this page if you have a shiny up for trade PM me!!!!!
    7. xXBlazeDiamondXx
      No thanks man, I'm set. But thanks for your offer ^^
    8. ven?
      Yup bro, but it's on october 8th a week away >.>. How about you, are you going?
    9. Randomness
      Yeah, IKR?
      And no, sorry, I don't have a Sandile. =3=
    10. cobracannon
      sup bro:):):)
    11. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      Yeah, perhaps tomorrow. I've gotta finish a collage for a long way gone, and I don't have any magazines whatsoever, so I have to draw it. This is gonna be a long night -_-
    12. Dragon Trainer X
      Dragon Trainer X
      Um, sorry, I was out and selling for a fundraiser. I'll probably be open tonight and the next couple ones if you want to establish a time to trade.

      Yay! First post ^^
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    Home Page:
    Your Closet
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Uh hi, I'm Wadder. I am a closet otaku who loves Pokémon. I absolutely adore homestuck and love naruto. Bleach is 10/10 wud bang. I do lot's of art, so just ask if you'd like some. I'm going to keep VM's closed to contacts only, so if you'd like, shoot me a PM or FR.
    I'm looking to start a guild with someone!

    Pokemon, Anime, Hockey, Art


    Make sure Wadder is your refferer!
    i don't want this moment, to ever end
    when everything is nothing, without you

    Tumblr--EGC--My Anime List
    Giving away shinies/dw/event? I'll take them