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  • Good to hear! yup, same here with school. It's been busy, but my schedule isn't too bad and I still understand everything, luckily. :)

    I just had pancakes for dinner. I feel like I'm the only person that doesn't like them.. *hides from angry crowd of pancake fans*
    No, actually.

    I just do not recognise the name "Lee" or "Wadder2"

    But anyways, look what I love, random stranger:

    An apple pie, a bright blue sky, a breezy medow in July.
    An ice-cream bar, a shooting star, the sound of a steal guitar.

    I love the sound of rain, wearing a hat and cane, Tiffany window panes, lovely to see!
    Frost on a windowsill, the feel of a dollar bill, vacations in Brazil fill me with glee!

    These are all the little things that make me smile, these are all the things that make life worth-while,
    everybody knows the holocost was a lie, so let's sing about the things we like and don't be shy..


    A strip of lace, a pretty face, eugenics really make the case.
    Counting Sheep and froggy leaps, Not touching people inappropriately while they sleep.

    (Someone: HEY!)

    I love the feel of grain, the screams of a man in pain, blood coming down like rain, showering me! *throws knife and it hits a bird, the blood splatters on her and she is still happy*

    That everlasting thrill during the final kill, body dumped in a landfill got off scot free!

    These are all the little things that make me smile, these are all the things that make life worth-while.
    One day I will eat your brain and it will be great! So let's sing about the stuff we like and meet your fate!
    you might want to edit it where it says really cute girl to just girl, so she doesnt think you think she is ugly. and you should probably ask to be friends again.
    hey! I'm sorry I havent sent you anything such a long time, it's nice to see (read?) you again. :)

    how's life?
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