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Kutie Pie
Last Activity:
Jun 1, 2020 at 7:31 AM
Feb 22, 2006
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Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 28)
Valley of the Sun

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny.", Female, 28, from Valley of the Sun

Currently watching: Too much animu. Mar 27, 2018

Kutie Pie was last seen:
Jun 1, 2020 at 7:31 AM
    1. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Nobody remembers Bolt. Most of Disney's non-princess movies don't go very far.

      Disney has the potential to be ballsy, but they choose to play their movies safe, with very solid moral grounds. Disney doesn't like to take risks, because when they miss, they miss awfully. I think it also applies to the audiences, too; because for them, Disney is a safe haven, with set boundaries about what will and won't happen.

      The issue with incorporating culture into their movies is that Disney likes to appeal to mass audiences, and getting a "lost in translation" issue with conversations, choices, and plots would be an issue.
    2. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      My sleep schedule has been messed up for a while now. I stay up too late playing video games, lol. My body is so used to getting 5-6 hours of sleep everyday. I really need to fix it to were I'm getting 7-8 hours of sleep, at least. You'll find a job ;) It can be hard finding one, but you'll find one. If I worked mornings everyday my body would have to get used to waking up early everyday. That would be fun. I'm such a morning person just kidding, lol. I can wake up early if I absolutely have to, though.

      How long have your parents been teachers? My brother wants to be a teacher he's been looking at colleges lately since he's a junior in High School.
    3. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Disney doesn't normally do action movies--that's Marvel's job--so it was understandably jarring. They were trying to appeal to a different audience than they normally do with their animated movies, so I guess this film was more of an experiment for the success of such an oddball. I'm pretty sure of Disney seemingly endorsed underage law-breaking, some people would get fussy, so it probably wasn't worth it. Sure was a missed opportunity, though.
    4. p96822
      Hello there friend
    5. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      My sleeping is so messed up. Some nights I stay up super late playing video games, lol. I don't have tons of time to play during the day unless I have a day off, so after work I play quite a bit of video games. Right now I'm playing through Suikoden II I just bought this on PSN a few days ago. I'm also been playing through Pokemon Omega Ruby as well. I get out of work late every night, and the first things I do when I get home are eat, and just relax. I like to watch movies, and play video games as well. I like to work out as well. I need to start getting more sleep, though.

      Yup, she is! Luckily things got better for my family, and it sounds like things got better for your family. Everything found a way to work out in the end!
    6. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      They released so many Pokemon, lol.

      Oh wow, I haven't seen that show in ages. I was playing Pokemon on my 3DS last night, and I fell asleep with my glasses on. I woke up and was like, what the heck! My 3DS battery was almost dead. I was just too tired last night.

      My mom raised me all on her own, and we didn't have much of anything. It was a tough life back then, but she always spoiled me rotten even though she didn't have much money. Eventually things got waaaaay better for us by the time I was getting out of the toddler stage.
    7. TheFightingPikachu
      People can give "critical" a bad name (blind anti-sequel hatred, etc.), but critical thinking has so many benefits in all areas of life.

      Now, I'm not suggesting that the story of Mr. Peabody & Sherman was much similar to Meet the Robinsons. And the dog with glasses was only a joke in that movie, not a main character (though I got a good laugh when my mom searched and found out there was apparently at least one decent-quality figure made of it!). And while it is definitely true that the similarities I see between these two movies are nowhere near as clear or as numerous as those between Frozen and Tangled, I do think it's more than just "young boy + time travel." It is in fact just the most recent example of an animated film prominently advocating adoption like Meet the Robinsons (and Despicable Me). Additionally, the rather dark looks Penny gives Sherman early on definitely remind me of...the kinda goth girl from Meet the Robinsons whose name escapes me but is very clearly the main character's future wife. I wouldn't want to say that I think no other movies influenced it, though, as the wide selection of crazily-interacting historical figures definitely drew from the Night at the Museum films (note prominent inclusion of ancient Egypt).

      However, you opened up a really interesting perspective for me by saying Big Hero 6 seems similar to Dreamworks. Shortly before I VMed you, I told my youngest brother that I thought some Wreck-It Ralph themes might come into play, especially considering Baymax's size. But a few hours after I VMed you, I realized that the way Baymax moves and carries himself is much more reminiscent of a Dreamworks character: Po from Kung Fu Panda.

      Oh, BTW, I probably should have said that I liked your "custom trainer title," as I've been thinking of changing mine to something Christmas-related as well.
    8. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Some people don't appreciate good art.

      I liked it okay, because it was surprisingly creative and succeeded in its core goal of being a fun, creative, and slightly tragic action movie. It was riddled with cliche in some places, though.
    9. Pink Harzard
      Pink Harzard
      Nah, it is a special school. But that doesn't mean the education is that good. The government gives less and less money for such things. So those schools are in quite a struggle.

      I just don't get the importance of having a 'high status' at school. In my opinion, school is for learning, not to become the most cool, badass or whatever. I'm glad we have a teacher who spurs his pupils to get high grades. That guy is just gold.

      I hope you won't mind the fact my answers are a bit short in comparison with your writing. ^^'
      But well, it's a good practice for me.
    10. Pink Harzard
      Pink Harzard
      Yeah, I'm from the Netherlands, so that's much different.

      I was actually thinking about the fact that my classmates gave a bad example to the younger pupils in the study room. Some even contributed in paper throwing.

      I have to go, dinner is ready.
      It was nice talking to you ^^
    11. Pink Harzard
      Pink Harzard
      My school was 'special education' so that's why all the kids there have autism or something else.

      Those guys lack common sense indeed. And the problem is that they actually copy each other to look more cool. They can be nice, but that is when one is on his own.
    12. Pink Harzard
      Pink Harzard
      Yeah, they could have jumped from the balcony. And I have bin to weird schools. High school was one filled with people who have autism, (just like me) and at my current school I have Eco & Wildlife. Believe me, I have my nerds and animé watchers too. But sadly the douches are so stupid ><
    13. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I participated in some of it, but I mostly just watched it. It was definitely amusing to watch.

      Losing things drives me crazy sometimes, lol. That's quite the story! That has happened to me before actually. I fell asleep while reading, and my glasses were still on. That doesn't happen much. Well, I woke up the next day, I found my glasses laying on my bed. Sometimes when I'm sitting in bed watching something on my laptop, I fall asleep. That doesn't happen a lot either, but sometimes it does.

      That's cool. I remember quite a bit of my elementary years. I also remember having sleepovers with my friends. Those were the days! I really miss being a kid lol.
    14. TheFightingPikachu
      Big Hero 6

      ...this movie tried to be like How to Train Your Dragon...

      You compare movies to other movies too? That's one of the things I enjoy most!

      Just last week I watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman and loved it, but noticed similarities to one other movie in particular that made me say, "Did the writers/directors/whoever simply do some kind of movie characteristic database search for 'boy +time travel [+dog with glasses] and get the result Meet the Robinsons?" Since I'm planning on seeing Big Hero 6 in the next few days, I've been searching my "internal movie database" for "boy + robot" and coming up with very little. I found your comment very insightful!

      BTW, I like your current trainer title!
    15. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      There are usually no "big names' attached to them, and they usually exit the commonfolk comfort zone.
    16. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      No passion behind the corporation?

    17. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      You're not giving up the name by being creative, are you?

      I will cry.
    18. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Exactly! There's a lot of streaming that goes on over at Twitch, and sometimes I really enjoy watching streams. Did you watch any of the Twitch Plays Pokemon streams? It was definitely interesting, lol. It was crazy, because people that were watching were able to command the bots movements. It was a troll haven.

      Ah, it happens! Especially when you're younger. My 10 year old brother has gotten better with taking care of his games, but sometimes he has his moments. When it comes to losing stuff all three of us have our moments, lol. I hate it when you lose something, and it ends up being in a place that you looked right at...My memory is pretty good, I can remember quite a bit from when I was younger. It's pretty awesome that i can remember so much from my childhood!
    19. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I'm glad they didn't get their money grubbing hands on Twitch, because they would ruin Twitch! I don't watch Twitch a lot, but sometimes I do.

      I take care of my games like they're children, lol. Ever since I was a kid I've taken great care of my games. I take great care of my consoles and handhelds as well. My childhood N64 and Gameboy Color still look new. Once in a while I'll leave my disks in my consoles. Sometimes I just forgot to take them out when I'm done playing.
    20. SerenaForTheWin
      truth to tell you, i probably could say erena might be worst character in the whole gf beta series, maybe i find her voice really annoying or maybe hitomi harada is not my type ( the one voicing her)

      but chloe is a positive one , i would always laugh hard at her japanese thingy

      and then they start to bring a russian girl ( yulia valkova) to the cast too, which i find it wasn't even needed probably
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    Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Valley of the Sun
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    If you wanna know about me, just read my posts and you'll get a good idea.

    Oh fine, I draw and write fan fiction. Shipping, mainly--I'm apparently really good at it, too. Also I watch too much anime for my own good. I have a problem.


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