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Kutie Pie
Last Activity:
May 27, 2020 at 9:45 AM
Feb 22, 2006
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Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 28)
Valley of the Sun

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny.", Female, 28, from Valley of the Sun

Currently watching: Too much animu. Mar 27, 2018

Kutie Pie was last seen:
May 27, 2020 at 9:45 AM
    1. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      The problem lies in yes, there are people without passion for their craft, or choose to utilize money-making schemes over artistic liberties when making certain choices in their art. People are resistant to change, so it's difficult for artists to take a breath of fresh air and still thrive. It's why the same songs keep being remade over and over. It's why the same shows, books, and movies keep getting written over and over again.

      It's a dying craft, I suppose.
    2. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Yup, Google totally screwed up Youtube. It's really unfortunate.

      I've read a lot of them. Some of them weren't that good (imo.) Some of them are really good, though. I wouldn't mind making one either, but it's all a matter of coming up with an idea.

      Pretty much! I try to play with the best strategy, but a lot of times my luck is just horrible lol. That's hilarious! That's too bad. Luckily our copies of Melee and Brawl still work, and they're in pretty good condition. However, we have no way to play Melee since my brothers Gamecube doesn't work, and our Wii doesn't work. Unfortunately Gamecube games aren't playable on the Wii U.
    3. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      The problem with art is that it has to be big to make money. If you're art is no good, it's a list cause, because than you're only marketing to those with little to no artistic taste or opinions, or those who are uneducated in art. In other words, most of the population.

    4. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Of course not, studios need to stay alive in order to keep their craft alive. As long as they make good art, they should stay off the ****-it list, at least in my perspective. If they make sequels to continue the story, that's one thing, but making sequels because ~marketing~ is a whole other ballpark. You told me about Me and My Shadow, and I did a bit of reading up on it. I'm so excited for it, you have no idea. Although 2D animation won't be popular in the big leagues, I'm glad that it will still be recognized as an alternative art form.

    5. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      True. I remember one of my Call Of Duty montages got hit with copyright infringements a couple of years ago. I was using a song, and Youtube got all butt hurt about it. I was using a Breaking Benjamin song in my montage, and Youtubes like "you can't do that" so either change your music or your video will be taken down. Youtube policies are ridiculous nowadays. It's also dumb how your Youtube account has to be connected to Google Plus. Figuring out how Google Plus works took me a while to figure out. I honestly have no interest in using Google Plus. Honestly, Facebook and Twitter is more than enough for me.

      That's interesting. That's a very good theory about Brock. Pokemon has so many interesting theories. Have you read any of the Pokemon creepypastas? They're quite the read.

      My luck in Mario Party is pretty bad. I wish I had my brothers luck when it comes to Mario Party. The Gamecube is another great system with a great library of games! Zelda Windwaker, the Pokemon Coliseum games, Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, the list goes on!
    6. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I don't see why not.

      DreamWorks just needs to keep making movies. They need to keep utilizing fresh material, and avoid relying too heavily on old lines of movies. I'm a little paranoid that DreamWorks might fall into that trap again with Kung-Foo Panda and How To Train Your Dragon, but hopefully they'll pull through. If they bring back 2D-animation, I will cry tears of joy.

      I'm going to cry. I will. (If WI-R becomes the new Toy Story, I swear...)
    7. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      StudioDEEN still did a passable job with the first season, and we may get a reboot, but Umineko is unsalvageable.

      As long as they're not malicious...

      This, I understand, seeing how DreamWorks have held a reputation as the "anti-Disney" for years. It's hard to break away from that kind of reputation, especially if it was a heavily profitable one.The thing is, when you're up against a giant, legendary company like Disney, "okay" is something your movies cannot be. They have to be blockbusters, because if not, Disney will sweep it under with their giant projects that always seem to do well, lately. It doesn't help that they bought Star Wars and Marvel.

      Well, the sequels aren't nearly as common as they were in the 90s, but yeah, what can you do? A sequel to Frozen will make me vomit, because we all know that a)everyone is going to see it, b)it's being made strictly for business, and c)everyone is either going to love it (because Frozen) or loathe it (because it wasn't as good as the original). It's lose-lose all around for us.
    8. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Oh wow, thanks for the information. Maybe I'll work on making a AMV soon. I have a Youtube channel, and I wouldn't mind adding more content to my channel. I make Pokemon shiny videos, and I upload let's plays. I did let's plays for Pokemon Silver and Kirbys Dream Land. Uploading videos can be a fun when you have the time for it. Adding AMVs to my channel would help my channel out a lot.

      I honestly liked watching the anime so much when Brock and Misty tagged along with Ash. Brock is hilarious, and such a likable character. It's funny how Brock freaks out whenever he meets a girl haha.

      Pokemon Puzzle League is fun, and you can't go wrong with Mario Party! My brother has some of the best insane luck when it comes to playing Mario Party. I love my N64, that is seriously one of the best game systems of all time (in my opinion.) I remember when I got my N64 for my birthday when I was a kid. The N64 has sooooooo many incredible titles. I think you'll have good luck with that goal there's a lot of guys out there that play video games. I know for me I would love a gamer girl spouse. That would be too awesome!
    9. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Exactly, the people that make AMVs don't make money directly from them. I've always been interested in making AMVs, but I'm too worried I'll get in trouble for copyright....

      Once I finish up the Indigo League I'll start watching the Adventures on Orange Islands. Johto Journeys is pretty good, and I really enjoyed Master Quest. That battle between Ashs Charizard and Garys Blastoise will always give me goosebumps, lol. I was rewatching the full battle between Gary and Ash on Youtube the other day.

      Nowadays my brothers play the Wii more than I do. I try to play it as much as I can, but I mostly play my PS4, PS3, and 3DS. Once we get Smash Bros for the Wii U I'll definitely be playing the Wii U a bunch! I still need to play Earthbound on there as well. I feel more comfortable using a regular controller when I play Smash. I still use the Wii remote sometimes, though. It definitely took me time to get used to the remote when I played Brawl for the first time. My brothers seem better at Smash than me right now because I haven't played in a while lol.
    10. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      There's a reason Ryukishi07 oversaw the Higurashi adaptation, right?

      4chan and Reddit are pretty terrible, though. There are many bullies on those sites.

      I'm honestly not that surprised, seeing as they haven't released any new "big hits" lately, or at least none that were on my radar. I think DreamWorks will be fine, as they are a studio with lots of potential. They just need to stop relying on sequels to get them through, and try to create some grand, new material. Disney, for all their faults, learned their lessons about making sequels, and rely more so on new lines/franchises to keep going. It's worked so far, and because DreamWorks has more appeal in certain regards, due to their wider variety of ideas to utilize without being oppressed by certain standards, they should run wild soon, I hope. I think Hiccup's new position will be a superb chance for development and exploration of his character, which is always good. I'm not saying that merchandise should go away, I just wish studios with toy lines would make less plot-relevent choices so it can sell as merchandise. It can get grating, to me, but if it doesn't bother you, I envy you.
    11. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      When I was in High School I used to watch a lot of AMVs, and I remember a lot of AMVs being taken down because of copyright material. I know FUNimation is one of those owners that are extremely strict on their material being used.

      Funny how that works, lol. I thought about reliving the original Pokemon anime. For some reason I feel like rewatching the original episodes. A few weeks ago I was watching some of them on Netflix, but I wasn't watching the episodes in any particular order.

      My mom is pretty bad at video games lol, but luckily my brothers are very good at video games, and my step dad isn't bad either. My brothers are extremely good at Smash Bros and Mario Kart (they even beat me sometimes.) Wii Bowling is our favorite sport to play on Wii Sports it's a lot of fun.
    12. Meeker
      Not a tickle attack! DX
    13. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Yeah, those are good points. Piracy is definitely a major problem on the internet. Funny thing, I watch many of my shows on the internet. I don't have cable anymore, so I use Netflix and Hulu Plus to watch my shows. Netflix and Hulu are much cheaper which is great. I used to have Dish Network, but I got rid of it over the summer. Sometimes it can suck waiting for a new episode to get uploaded to Netflix and Hulu, but that's just how it works. I have things to keep me busy, so it's not like I die of boredom, lol. Most of the time I'm at my job anyways.

      I remember I went on a DBZ watching spree after I graduated High School. I watched all of the episodes as a kid, but I wanted to relive the series, but High School was taking up a lot of my time.

      It was a grand time. Yeah, she saved us leftovers luckily! You can't go wrong with video game nights, we play Wii Sports, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, there's so many games for us to play! We have a library of video games here. We do the same thing for Christmas as well. It's always fun!
    14. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Well, we've all got to eat, and anime is more accessible than manga, so it stands to reason that a mangaka would please for an anime adptation to help their work expand in audience.

      4chan and Reddit are worse.

      It was my bad, I should've worded my response better. DreamWork have been doing rather well lately, or so I've come to assume, seeing as I don't keep an eye on them much. If the finale makes me cry, I will forgive them, because invoking my feelings usually means they're doing something right. I guess I'm someone who enjoys buildup, too, but if it's more into character psyche and world building and less, "establishing what we already know and then adding some stuff to it". I hope the finale gives more insight into Hiccup's struggling chara. I also hope we get less transparency with the merchandise, because that got irritating quickly for me;;
    15. Meeker
      KP, why aren't you on Skype anymore?
    16. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I just don't understand WHY; why adapt a manga no one really cared about, and make it even worse via tiny budget and terrible choices? It's a waste, if you ask me.

      They're everywhere.

      OK, I worded that really horribly, and gave off the wrong impression. I'm really sorry about that. What I meant to convey was, "I'm not sure how I feel about this film, because on one hand, it was pretty good, and on the other, I just felt like something wasn't right." Giving us Hiccup's mother felt kind of needless, because making her a stranger wouldn't have really changed anything, but if she gets more screentime and overall plot relevance in the finale, I'll be okay with it. The first half felt really sluggish and mediocre, mostly because the mom was just boring to me, and I pegged her for an early death. However, the second half made up for the first, by being ballsy by killing off an important character in a ballsy manner, so props for DreamWorks. Some plot choices made me raise an eyebrow, and some decisions felt really transparent in terms of "we're selling merchendise with this once the movie is out", so that felt really bitter in my mouth. Maybe I'm more jaded than when I watched the first, but yeah. A third movie sounds fantastic, because then the problems I had with the first half can me amended. But yeah, alright film. Sorry if I sounded like an *sshole. I worded that really poorly.
    17. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      True, good points. It was a gradual take off in Japan. Nowadays Pokemon is a phenomenon, lol. It makes me wonder as well. I guess the stars were aligned just right for GAME FREAK.

      That's strange. It's no wonder the show received negative complaints. The episodes being released every two weeks, and only being aired online will upset people. Honestly, I think the episodes only being aired online is a bad idea.

      Alright, thanks for sharing your list! I'll give it a look. I'm looking through your list right now, this thing is HUGE, lol. I almost forgot about Cowboy Behop, and I love the mentions of DBZ.

      My Thanksgiving was pretty "meh." My brothers got sick, so we didn't go to my familys house for Thanksgiving like we were planning. I really wanted the Thanksgiving dinner my Grandma always prepares every year. It was a real bummer that we couldn't go, but my brothers have been feeling better now so that's all that matters. We ended up having a family video game night, and movie night, because my brothers started to feel better later in the day. Sharknado 2 is terrible! I can't blame you for not wanting to watch that. My cousin is a Bleach fanatic, I still have to watch Bleach at some point.
    18. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      I read up on Pupa at MyAnimeList. What a weird concept. The art style was an more shoujo-esque one, and the plot had potential to be a squicky horror full of squick. The incestuous implications were not helping its case much, either. Honestly, I think Studio DEEN has been slowly deteriorating as the years go by, going from "okay studio" to "pretty awful". I thought that they'd redeemed themselves with Hetalia, seeing how the new season revamped the animation in the best way possible and changed directors for a better experience overall. What's the deal?

      If you want that, just go on Tumblr.

      It had so much potential and it just f*cked it all up. I don't even know what I expected...
    19. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      Studio DEEN has gained a reputation for screwing up ferociously for both plot and animation. I'm surprised they've done as much as they have; you'd think people would learn their lesson.

      True, but the mods are very quick to take care of problems, bless their little hearts. How was it more entertaining, exactly?

      Also, finally saw HTTYD2...Uh...
    20. Moonlight Amaryllis
      Moonlight Amaryllis
      The manga is pretty enjoyable, albeit confusing at times. It's shocking how much the anime didn't cover.

      Of course not, just what kind of heathen do you take me for? I appreciate these forums for the same reason; 2011 me and 2014 me are very different people, and it's partially due to this website that I've developed so much as a person. Time gets in the way, and so does disinterest, seeing as this website is a hobby. We understand.
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    Valley of the Sun
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