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  • Hey there. I was thinking of starting a fic-writing challenge where people would try to write a certain number of words per day for as many days in a row as possible, and offer prizes for people who managed to get very long (nine month) streaks. One of those prizes would be a custom art commission ($15 or less) from a list of artists, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in being one of them. Basically, you'd work out with the person what they wanted drawn, but I would be the one to pay you for it. I don't imagine you'd get asked to draw anything particularly often (or ever, depending on participation), given the length of the streak required, and people would only be able to request you if you were actually open for commissions at the time.
    Eheh, I'm definitely a big procrastinator. I feel the same way though, I really don't want to be... Also yeah, there are so many things I want to rewrite too!

    The prologue and first chapter are up! Feel free to check it out here

    Yeah, I don't want to waste too much time on classes I don't want to do/won't need the skills from. Oh, you went for filming and stuff? Was it fun? I wouldn't want to make films myself, but I love to watch movies and critique them with my family! Yeah, Monster's University was a pretty good movie if you ask me! It had some good messages~ Pixar movies are usually like that!

    You should definitely jump on them about sibling quality time, hahaha.
    Yeah, I really should have kept in contact, but I became such a procrastinator that in addition to leaving a half-finished rewrite of the chapter, I couldn't even come onto Serebii to let my readers know what was up... ^-^' After the several months had passed, I kind of left the story for dead and decided I would pick it up later, which didn't really happen as soon as I'd planned, haha. I know I'm doing much better already though, just from the new prologue--especially since I've been slowly brainstorming the story's lore and characters over the years of my absence. The first chapter is running smoothly and I really can't wait to show you how much better I've gotten~ Of course, I'm not a master at it yet or anything but my old writing really pales in comparison!

    From what I can see, the Fanfic section isn't exploding with activity, but it looks like people are still writing pretty frequently so that's good. Also yes, I would love to have more people to review my writing! It's always nice to have a bunch of opinions.

    Oh, nice! I plan to go to college myself, but I don't have it fully planned out yet. Yeah, the economy isn't too great--never has been, really. It seems it's got everyone pretty depressed as of late, but maybe I just never noticed it until now... I bet it will be nice for you to see your brothers again, especially after two years! None of my family members have ever left home for more than two weeks but I still miss them like crazy when they leave--I hope you have a lot of fun!
    Greetings! Do you remember me? Four years ago I started my first fanfiction--The Smallest of Eevees. I haven't forgotten all the helpful advice you gave me, and I just wanted to thank you again for fueling a flame of passion in me as a writer. I've gotten much better at writing, and though I seemingly dropped off the face of the earth back then, I decided somewhat recently to rewrite that story after all this time. I've been practicing through roleplay and I aim to be a published writer someday, but I wanted to bring my first story to life to test my skills. It's still in the works, but when I finish the first chapter I can show you if you'd like!

    I apologize for not continuing the story at the time, but when it came to rewriting that awful last chapter I had cranked out, I couldn't bring myself to continue. One thing led to another, and months had passed. I lost my chance to fix it, and it became a thing of the past lying in wait until some inspiration would hit me again. Of course, I haven't forgotten it, and I certainly haven't forgotten you either! If it weren't for your help and belief in my potential, I wouldn't have mustered the motivation to pursue one of the best parts of my life. I probably sound like a broken record, but I can't express enough thanks for giving me the push I needed!

    So, now that I've gone and wrote two rambling paragraphs of thanks... how are you doing?
    Since you're on, I figure I should tell you that I haven't forgotten to respond to your PM. I'm doing a few other things, but it shouldn't be too long!
    I was about to go to sleep and said to myself, "Wait. You said 2015 because you forgot what year it is again. It's not 2016, so no films from 2015 have been awarded yet. I had better go correct that ridiculous mistake." And so I hope that answers one of your questions.

    Quite simply, How to Train Your Dragon 2 played some of the Pokémon anime's most overused cards, including the "get out of mind control by the power of friendship" card, and the "our hero and his Pokémon are the only ones who can do it where stronger Pokémon failed because our hero is special" card.

    Pokémon may have Ash do some not-so-great things, but Digimon is the only one where kids come anywhere near using their creatures to do things on the level of what Hiro was going to use Baymax to do. I should have asked you ages ago what caused you to compare Big Hero 6 to How to Train Your Dragon in the first place (other than the flying scene, I hope?), and I'd still like to hear that. In fact, I need you to hit me with that as hard as you possibly can!

    The Lego Movie absolutely should have gotten a nomination. But since it would be hard for The Boxtrolls to do worse than How to Train Your Dragon 2, that only underscores my point that it was the movie DreamWorks made that doesn't belong.

    And please don't think of any of my comments as me jumping on you. Had the Frozen thread seen any significant defenders, your comments to point out the flaws of the movie wouldn't have been jumping on them. We can be sometime rivals/allies in movie analysis, right?
    Same. Such a wasted concept. The idea of a world like ours but with sentient dinosaurs and what society would be like sounds interesting. But even before they swapped directors and whatnot, apparently it was always going to be prehistoric. :/ How disappointing.
    Ah, sorry!

    ...Yeah, I'm not expecting too much of the Good Dinosaur. The fact that it's been through so many rewrites combined with how little information has been released... Honestly, I just think it'll end up being 'okay'.
    I saw your review of Inside Out, and I can confirm that it was indeed inspired by Pete Docter's daughter as she was growing up, if that answers your question! Glad to know it's good. I've been looking forward to this one (though I have to wait a couple more weeks before I can see it).
    All I've ever wanted was to make you proud...
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