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  • I see. I'll look into it sometime. I just don't want to lose all my rare korrina images T___T lol

    this tune is awesome xD

    I think its time to be awesome is my favorite mlp movie song :3

    I may go eat something

    Getting a little dizzy too and the dog will need a walk so. I may shut off the computer after this sends in so i don't get held back from walking simba too much. see ya :3
    Sounds hard o_O Also, i think your facebook account can get banned if its set to a fake name.

    I'd toss it probably :p

    I started eating nutrition bars around easter. for years i couldn't handle sugar with my autism. Now i have it nearly everyday and somehow end up fine :)

    I may wanna eat something my tummy is growling lol
    I could, but i already pinned a lot of images on my existing one. And starting a new one would mean losing a lot of rare, hard to find korrina images i wouldn't want to lose.... I could probably pm it to some friend i trust. If I want to share it. :) Rainbow knows it and is following me.

    I've been eating lots of chocolate this year :3 chocolate nutrition bars seem to calm me. I plan on getting a lot of chocolate candy to eat at home for halloween and dressing up to eat it. I'm not trick or treating. That stuff is loaded with chemicals and gmo and stuff. It could bring back my body's old intolerence for sugar if i tried eating it :/ I'm sticking to healthy stuff, like all natural dark chocolate candies :)
    Thanks :) I'm glad to know i didn't say anything wrong. Was a little worried there.

    Coffee is nice :3 i always have it with milk xD

    I look at pinterest a lot nowadays but i can't show my account to my friends since i used my facebook one which uses my real name...lol i do plan on starting a fan page for korrina sometime, though :3 i may upload favorite pinterest images of her to that site too. I still make blingees sometimes too. Often ones of korrina or the powerpuff girls xD
    Oh. It just sounded like you would have a roof over your head better if not for that...i didn't mean to sound mean :( sorry.

    That sounds like a nice job :)

    I may drink some more coffee. Due to my meds (we're trying to ween me off them) i get dizzy a lot. It used to be worse and nothing would help it much. I guess i'm more relaxed now though.
    You must be pretty poor o_O;

    lul, fluttershy with pierced ears. Never thought i'd know that day xD

    The taste does get in the mouth sometimes but the taste doesn't bother me. I sort of like it xD The stuff smells nice, so the taste is kinda nice too...
    I forget. My mom seems to be fine with my liking korrina so maybe i shouldn't worry about it ^^;; I remember it being live action or something though.

    I'm glad you have a warm room now ^_^

    I still have my riku plushie but i don't cuddle with him anymore. I just use him and a hello kitty to make myself a high pillow when i sleep at night.

    Since i don't kiss my riku plushie anymore i've been enjoying being able to wear make up again :D I have nom noms lipgloss now too. its so yummy smelling.
    Oh awesome :3 I don't remember that.

    Yeah. I like being a 'lipstick lesbian' for korrina :3 i like that people on this forum seem kind to me about liking her too^^ She gives me comfort with how i still have issues with my liking girly things and stuff. Its nice to have something that i can lean on at harder times. Often she's made my issues lessen due to her being a rather feminine looking female herself too. :)

    Thats nice :3 My mom acted grossed out by two men kissing in a movie preview before the mlp movie yesterday o_O; it got to me...i wanted to ask her about that....she seems completely fine with my liking korrina, though. At times she's even been very encouraging about it cuz she knows i feel joy when i look at/think of her :)
    Maybe that was part of why. Now that i'm older, i think i can shrug off the judgement more. I actually talk about my crush on korrina with people a lot :) I think, too, though, in the past i worried also that if i liked females, i wouldn't be able to be a 'girly girl' as much and that bothered me too cuz i don't want to dislike cute and happy things. Reading about lipstick lesbians on tvtropes this year helped change that for me though :D And the article was right; i've had a MAJOR crush on korrina thats lasted 6 months now and i look at her everyday still (often a lot everyday too). I've develupted no distaste for girly/cute things due to it (in fact, i think i've been starting to like them more than ever as of lately xD).

    I've never dated anyone either. I'm in my late 20s now (i doubt many people will read that...yes, i do worry about people knowing my age on here) and i still just like characters from fiction lol

    I like its time to be awesome so far :3
    Your new av is so cute :3 also, i've actually been more attracted to females than males since getting into korrina. It feels a little strange since i'm so much older now xD; But they do say the aspie brain doesn't catch up till like around age 30 a lot and i've been a pretty insecure person all my life. So i may of always been really into females but certain forms of self doubt and stuff may of kept me from embracing it...lol

    I'll need to listen to the songs again to figure out my fav xD They like slipped my mind after seeing them once lol
    I see. I still like pokemon games :3

    *snuggle's the two images you showed me :3* (trust me this crush of mine has been going on over 6 months now lol ask anyone here about it if you want more details >///< ahaha...)

    And uhhh. I duno what else to talk about. ^^ what do you think of mlp season 7?
    Violence bugs me too. I don't understand why it seems so popular. I think it's a little weird i like korrina so much for being a fighting type trainer too but meh. xD Pokemon doesn't really strike me as violent much. And Korrina's a pretty deep character in the anime and has a pretty cheery personality, and i like that :)

    Oh yeah i think rainbow told me she saw trolls there resently. Thank you for getting rid of them :) That was very good of you.

    And, yep, i thought the movie you were going to see was mlp the movie xD

    I still watch all the new eps.

    Its great to talk to you again^^ If you haven't guessed before, i have a new crush now. You might have an idea on who (i mentioned them earlier on in this post).
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