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  • [PART 2]
    I took the exam again on December 22nd (the day right after my last final of the semester) and... I passed! I had a big meltdown 20 minutes before the exam: I cried and just... cracked under the pressure and anxiety. It was snowy and there was slush everywhere... A pretty messy morning to drive in. The man said I did a couple mistakes (most of them not realistically applying to how people drive because... when am I gonna get punished in life for not putting my flasher early enough when I park or for stopping the car 1 inch over the stop line ?) but also said he believed in my abilities and allowed me to get my permit. This is honestly the biggest relief, not having to worry about driving like they unrealistically want us to.

    This whole tumor situation is so odd... I'd be pretty scared in your shoes. And they actually showed you the red ball ? How gross! D:

    Got two shinies so far in Sun: a random Masquerain and a SOS Alolan Vulpix. After getting my shiny charm, I knew I wanted that ball of fluff first. I plan on resetting my game as soon as Bank comes out with the update. Since I was at school when the game came out I was kinda rushing through cause the final weeks were coming up and I didn't want this distraction much longer, so...

    Again, so sorry! I distinctly recall having this "don't forget to write back to Jake" feeling but it must've gone away in a flash... I promise I'll follow the beat after that... And since I'm in holiday period I will answer quick 'cause I ain't got nothing better to do... That is, unless you decide to wait until I go back to school to answer! ;D
    [PART 1]
    How the hell did I forget to write to you! I remember not having time when I read it over a month ago and it totally slipped my mind! I'm so sorry!!
    ... moving on... D:

    Really ? I haven't touched Animal Crossing in over a year... It was fun while it lasted, gotta say. ^_^' I'm glad you enjoy it still though. Brings out good memories! Of our meetings in each other's town, our clothing exchanges and Jessara. I haven't spoken to her in over a year... Have you ?

    It's very nice. I work in the lab part of the pharmacy, so I give out the customers' medications and stuff. It's right around the corner of my street too so it's easy to get there. Honestly I work with GREAT people (one or two exceptions >_>) and it is not even comparable to the beach! The only thing I liked better at the beach was the pay (even so I got a raise recently so I'm catching up to my beach salary) and the tip I would get. Got a good tip there!

    I was a bit stressed but I'd say the fundamental mistake I did was almost bumping into the parked car to my left while backing out of my parking space... I'm pretty terrible with parking and I hadn't practiced them a lot with school and all and the lady who was evaluating me had to put her hand on the wheel. As soon as they interfere, you fail... So yeah. Didn't even start my actual evaluation and I had already failed. Did the course nonetheless and she pointed out my biggest mistakes.
    Was I really PrinceOfMay the last time you talked to me ? My god!
    Would you stop already ? Being a terrible human being for having a busy life and worrying about your health does not exist. And even when you don't leave a message for... one year, 3 months and 20 days (LOVE TO COUNT!), I will never hate you for that. The proof is right in front of you: I got super excited to see I had gotten a message from you!

    I am stressed and tired from school of course, but I'm generally happy, as always! Last time we spoke was in August 2015, which was just when I was entering college... Have one year and a half under my belt now and I'm gonna apply to university in a couple of months already. I can't believe last time we spoke I was still working at this god awful beach. Well only two weeks later after our last exchange was I hired in a pharmacy to work as a cashier and today I got my first raise! :D How coincidental!
    In the last 1 year and 3 months I also got to start my driving classes and finish them about a month ago. I also went to do the driving exam and failed, but I plan on trying again in a month. I have painfully discovered that driving is the bane of my existence.

    Pokémon Sun is ruining my college life. I have an exam this friday and I am dying.

    Now you owe me this: TELL. ME. ABOUT. YOU. What happened with the whole tumor situation ? D: Is it over or are you still going through with it ? When did you find out ? Is there a reason behind it ?
    I don't believe you have worked 80+ hours a week for the past year, 3 months and 20 days now (unless you did and I would truly respect you for it). So tell me! Anything else in between more interesting than work that happened ? :D

    Got a hold of the new Pokémon game yet ? I hope you did! It's incredible! I hope you have a bit of free time because the way you're saying it, it seems like you weren't able to catch your breath. It's good to slack off sometimes.

    Thank you for answering me! It was worth the wait :D
    Over 10 months! Well would you look at lil' ol' lying Jake! :D

    But seriously, it'd be great if you told me what's good in your life right now. My summer is starting tomorrow (LAST EXAM WHOOOT!!) and it's our tradition to talk over summer. :3
    Yeah, you should totally hunt a roamer at some point, Jake! And come back to SHU some time! We miss you! We also got some new members, which might entice you back (such as Saffie aka shinysaffichu, cpchris who you know from here, and others!)
    If I were to guess, you either answered to how we both have lives away from serebii, or that your shiny-recap text bricks are fun to read.

    It's a stress ball, as I've been calling it quite often at work. I hate working with customers, but I was kind of desperate (I sent my profile to many places and none of them offered me a job siince I did not have any experience). It pays better than the minimum wage over in Canada, so I'm completely fine with it. Problem is, not only do I not work full-time, the beach is quite unpredictable: I can come at work one day and return home 3 hours later due to the lack of customers or simply not work a day I was supposed to because of the bad temperature.

    The trip itself was unfortunately more 'fun' than fruitful for me as a person. I was expecting to live in a place way poorer than where I was. We were placed mostly in "luxurious families" (for them). Most of them had the WiFi, we were fed with great food and we slept in comfortable, normal beds. While the tap water was not safe to drink, we had a two-weeks-worth of purified water in huge bottles in every home and showers could be taken hot from time to time, although mine were most of the time cold because of how warm it was out there (even 5 minutes after getting dry, I would be soaked in sweat). We even had a fan in our room!

    Oh, is that so ? Tell me, what's wrong ? I'm kinda interested in that story, now. :3

    How come now you have the time to answer me, but not during the past months ? I'm curious to know. >:]
    Oh Jesus... JAKE! You don't just wait MONTHS to answer and expect me to remember what you answer to! è_é

    Just kidding! How are you ? I'm super fine, thank you! I've finally got a job and I've been busting my a*s off during the past few days to get more money out of it. It's pretty tiring working in a small restaurant on the beach, mind you!

    Wow, we last talked BEFORE my trip ? Honestly, Jake... XD It was insane. I had loads of fun, I made a lot of new friends and it was really cool to experience all of that, being away from home and all. I'd definitely do it again. It was absolutely incredible, and every now and then, I remember it and wish I could go back. <3

    And what have YOU been up to, mister ?!
    Thankies Jake! Good to hear from you!

    I've been great, how about you?

    Yeah, that Molty's been a long time coming. Sucky nature I know, but it's not like I'm complaining about it after 13 months lol

    You take care too :)
    Come on, Jake, we've talked about this. It's not because you don't answer me in 3 months that you are a horrible person. We both have lives outside Serebii. :)
    I'm fine! I'm super excited, too. In 3 days, I'll be off to Hunduras for a humanitarian trip with 21 other students of my age. My first time ever taking the plane, and I'll be on this trip for 2 weeks! :D

    I think I'm the only shiny hunter that puts all of his shinies into one game at the time. I'd hate it to have 5 there, 6 over here, 2 on that one... I prefer when they're in one, single place, where I can keep on a eye on them.

    Of course! Who doesn't enjoy Jake's famous shiny-recap text bricks ? ;) I actually enjoy taking a few minutes of my time reading of your multiple catches!
    Hey, great to hear from you :) Thanks! It's really exciting! And I've always found that to be the case with every shiny that I've questioned if I'll notice, so I'm sure Dialga will be like the rest of them :p I've been doing pretty well, how about you?
    AHAH! XD Some things never change!

    What is your new job about, Jake ? o:

    You should count them one day. I have the feeling you could get close to Supremacy's shiny count at this point, ahah! :D By the way, what are you hunting, now ?

    Let me guess. ORAS, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and things like that, right ? Maybe throw a Zelda game in there! I guess you should just play the one you feel most like it. Right now, I'm so into Alpha Sapphire! My Cresselia hunt is going so well and I'm just excited to think of what's coming next; training, Pokédex, Contests and then MM Buneary in Diamond it is! :D
    JAKE! It's so good to talk to you again! It's been far too long! How have you been ? :D

    I see you got many shinies since the last time we spoke. Man you're good at it! I'm particularily jealous of that 4th gen' shiny Ralts of yours. Its colors are especially amazing in 2D, love it! <3 it also feels so good to be back on track!

    School is such a killer. But I guess we're to blame a little bit... We had 2 full months to discuss but we didn't even say hello! D:

    Aaah, whatever. What's done's done! Anything nice going on for the last few months ? c:
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend :) (even if you're not American and this has nothing to do with you lol- I'm putting this on all happy wishings just to be safe)
    Hey there, congrats on your shiny Mudkip. I think I have the long lost brother to your shiny Mudkip, as I got one today with a Bold nature like yours :D.
    Thanks! I'm really hoping to get one by 7ish tomorrow because I have Pokemon Club and I want to show up like LOOKET WHAT I GOTS BE JELLY BROS AND YEA lol. They know that I'm way more interested in shinies than competitive battling- my competitive team is a shiny Mewtwo, shiny Jolteon, shiny Flareon, shiny Vaporeon... You get it. :)
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