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  • Thanks for the congrats Kyle! It truly is wonderful, much better than the sprites on serebii.

    Though as we speak, Lightning is evolving into Zeburaika (don't like the English name!), and it'll look lovely. Congrats on your shinies too, that Lugia is too nice!

    I hope we both get good short hunts! I'm almost near Desert Resort now, so it'll be starting up soon.
    Thanks a lot, Kyle :) It really is a nice shiny! It's definitely grown on me a lot more since the first time I saw the shiny form. And I was definitely stressing with the Pokeball thing! It'd gotten down to where it just had 5 Ominous Winds left, and I was just bracing myself to have to use the Masterball, but still aching to get it in a regular pokeball.

    And to give Giratina extra PP, I had my Gastly holding a Leppa Berry and used Trick, which swaps their items, so it ends up using the berry on Ominous Wind and it gets me an extra 5 moves to work with.

    Thanks again, and I hope your hunts are going well!
    Hi there Jake! Thanks, I was hastily waiting for her hatching because I really started to be bothered by the sixth generation so I was hoping I could get this hunt done soon. Glad it was short, once again! :) Ahah, I think I predicted right like twice, back when you wanted a Sneasel and just now. Rest of the time was failures.

    Oh, I forgot that hunting with a full party meant that the shiny was sent to the PC, and thus was healed there. I completely forgot about that, but don't worry, it's absolutely understandable. When hunting a legendary, you must be really careful, so yeah... Still, that bird was caught, so the battle is history! Oh and believe me, you don't wanna lose a shiny legendary. I'm actually afraid to hunt legendaries for that specific reason without a Master Ball. Though I'm going to risk it with Shaymin without, I believe its catch rate is relatively high (45) for a legendary and has a lot of PP, so I might not need a single Master Ball this time.

    Dry Skin Hilton ? Ohoh! I don't think so! I actually use Gallade in X and it works really well; Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, Swords Dance and False Swipe is working like a charm! Otherwise a quick and simple Smeargle can do the trick, especially if you want Super Fang instead.

    Rayquaza's moveset is probably the worst; going after it without a Master Ball would be a suicide. Then again, that's the price to pay for such an awesome shiny form, probably one of the best ones, too!

    Good luck with your hunts! What are you after, now ? :p
    Replying to your comment from April 3rd:

    Shiny Ho-oh is definitely more amazing than shiny Lugia, especially the two I got(first one at 10 SRs, second at 104!). It definitely looks more majestic/noble than Lugia xD.

    Well, I don't really have any tips for the runner dogs, other than be prepared to have lots of patience. They tend to never go to the routes you want them to, for whatever reason they prefer to stick to Blackthorn and trololo around there for ages being annoying XD. The SRs aren't too bad really, I have gotten a few fast ones, the slow ones aren't as bad once you get used to it. It helps to listen to music or have something going on for background noise so the resets don't seem as slow. If you do decide to go for the dogs, hopefully they appear fast just like my shiny Raikou did. Roamers are actually the more rewarding hunts in my opinion, cause it feels great to accomplish something not a lot of people have the guts to do :).

    Life also sucks, but we won't get into that XD.
    Hey, thanks for the congrats!

    It is definitely one of the shortest ones I've ever done, heck it took me 2 years to finish my White badge quest, lets not forget the other BQ I started but never finished. Heh, I couldn't believe it when I saw it to be honest, as there were 2 other Pokemon who had 20% encounter rates.

    Thanks for the luck too, though I don't really need it, unless its to finish those other Badge Quests xD.
    I like the sound of my voice, it's just how I spell words and sound so french that bothers me a little bit... I'll try to be more fluid next time. :)

    Thanks! It's always nice to get more viewers! :D I'm glad you'll be part of it. I hope to post a new video soon, though I wouldn't count on it too much with the insane luck I had with Mudkip. :p

    HEY! You didn't tell me you got a shiny Lugia! Major congratulations, Jake! Did you check how many PPs Lugia had left when you caught it ? I'm really curious to know if you were right or wrong about Safeguard. Just imagine if you caught it, and it only had one PP left! It'd be shocking!
    My voice is so bad. I thought I was better in english than that... I'm glad you liked it though. :) My luck on original odds is insane lately. 3 weeks on-and-off for a Mudkip is not much. I was completely surprised at how my Heart Gold game loves me. Remember the Kyogre reclaim within 24 hours ? Yeah...

    All the Elite Four with only Ho-Oh ? That's damn sweet, must've been funny! With a good nature like that, I assume Ho-Oh was doing a great job out there. What moves did you gave him (feel free to give Ho-Oh the gender you want, actually. I did the same with Kyogre) ?

    Thanks! I can't wait to get Magnemite and I hope I won't get too much duplicates. Sure, I'm going to do more videos when I can. Possibly not about sixth generation shinies because they aren't so rare and fantastic anymore, but I plan on filming my reaction after encountering a shiny (I don't like the idea of using batteries for nothing to end up not having shinies in the end). My brother gave me few tips for recording so I hope it won't be as bad next time. Oh and believe me, I'm far from having the right material to do that as well. I'm taking my old camera to film with a crappy quality, so...

    Thanks, and good luck on your hunts as well! :D
    Honored that you remember me. And as a matter of fact, I happen to be resetting for Lugia as I type. Been goin' at it for a couple months now. I thought Ho-Oh was stubborn but Lugia seems to be worse! Just wanted to complete the set. That'd be pretty interesting if you hunted it too, if you got it first you could show me some pictures and give me some motivation hahaaha! Well good luck on it, brother. Too bad the change isn't as drastic as Ho-Oh's, but everyone I've asked says the red and pink is still well worth it.
    Level 86 !? How can you level up so quickly ? :( Hunting for Lugia ? Good luck, then! I don't especially like shiny Lugia but I hope it won't be a too difficult hunt for you.

    I hope I won't get a so bad nature with my shiny Mudkip. I'd be happy with something like Adamant, Brave, Relaxed, Impish, Careful, Sassy, Quiet or Jolly but anything else'd be pretty much bothering me... I'd be hunting Ho-Oh if I still could, though! It's such a great shiny!

    Oh I will get that Tangela someday... I hope. I wonder how far this hunt will bring me. I'm very curious. :p

    Not so much, actually, happened. School is taking a good part of my free time. Today I just finished my newest creation and I made, few days ago, a list of fourth gen shiny Pokémon I plan on hunting. I'm just envious in seeing the fourth gen sparkles again. I transfered Kyogre way too quickly. >.<
    You probably don't remember me but I remember you and I know you used to get some of the best shinies. Just saw you got Ho-Oh and wanted to congratulate you on that, as Ho-Oh is probably one of the very best shinies out there. Amazing how quickly you got it, too. Anyway take it easy.
    Wow, congrats on your shiny Ho-oh there :D. I also got a new shiny from my HeartGold BQ, but I have to wait to post it, it is a Dratini from the Game Corner :D. So much luck with this BQ, I swear xD.

    Hope life is treating you alright :).
    MAJOR CONGRATS on that Ho-Oh, Jake! And just you know, Jolly nature is like one of the best nature you could ever get! I'd be proud if I were you!
    Always thought Ho-Oh was magnificent but I already caught mine in my Heart Gold game, so unless I restart again (which is never going to happen), I won't have the chance to get this wonderful golden turky. I still have Lugia but I'm not a big fan of Lugia (compared to most of the community who reject Ho-Oh) and its shiny colors are no near Ho-Oh's!
    As for me, I planned so many hunts for the future but I can't seem to get the Pokémon I'm hunting for at the moment. In HeartGold, I want Mudkip, Magnemite, Zubat while I want Tangela and Flabébé on X. I'd really like to move on in something, though...
    What are you planning to hunt next ? :)
    Good luck! :D
    Just saw your post. Congrats on that shiny Ho-oh! Like Supremacy said, jolly is one of the best natures for it (lucky you)
    Thanks Jake. Think I need all the support I can get. At least I'll get a ton of Rep when I do eventually get my first bird...
    Thanks Kyle! That Fennekin was definitely too stubborn, but the feeling after finally seeing it appear was just amazing.
    That's pretty much my feelings about sixth gen too, I'm actually playing through leafgreen right now with the goal to eventually go after the legendary birds. (I'm also pretty terrible at catching legendaries so this might end badly.)

    Before I actually found out how you can tell if the starters are shiny or not in sixth gen, I was so excited because I thought they were like HGSS. You should applaud Supremacy, she's at double my count right now I think and I'm pretty sure she's doing other hunts too.

    I actually just had to go back and check my pasts posts but I started hunting Torchic in late july in 2010...o.o So if it keeps up by August then four years? It's still in third gen but I'm pretty tempted to switch to getting it in HGSS sometimes. My biggest worry is that I'll encounter another shiny poocheyna which would be the fourth, I think?
    45 shinies is a lot but it's not like you got them all in a day or something :3 I think people will probably be happy you were so lucky? It's always really cool to see so many shinies, especially since all of yours weren't solely limited to sixth gen. (sixth gen shinies are pretty cool but it's just kind of nice to see people hunting in the other gens too)

    My hunts are going pretty slow, but that's generally normal for me. Right now I'm mainly sr-ing Fennekin and that's at almost 3,200 sr's (which I know is not a lot at all but because of how long it takes each time it feels like it :p), I'm also slowly working on my badgequest by sr-ing for eevee and that's at 3,800 and as always I'm sr-ing for torchic and at last count that was 24,500 sr's :/) and I'm probably going to try for totodile now too.
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