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  • i wish my wii dont work on the internet cuz my 5 yr old cousin threw it out the window it still plays just not well

    6. If your post has flaws and a bunch of users point it back. Don't whine and try to fight back as it will only end up as You vs The Internet. Also, if you come across a user called BCVM22 and he picks at your argument. NEVER debate with him as you will always lose.

    7. Dont go around to peoples profiles and ask them to battle you, as it is redundant and makes you a n00b. Also don't give Friend Requests to random users as it will only irritate them., get to know them. Redundancy = not good.

    8. Know your facts. Research before you state a fact because otherwise you will be seen as a moron.

    9. Most importantly, Have fun.

    I know it's alot to remember but it'll become second nature over time ;).
    Hi there.
    Though let me give you some protips on how to survive SPPf. By a SPPf veteran

    1. Using or trying your hardest to accomplish proper grammer and spelling and not "Hai, lyik do u want to battal?" usually gets you in the SPPf Veteran goodbook here, this includes using capitals in the proper situtation.

    2. Read the rules in every forum to shee the do's and don't do's so you don't start these spammy "Who wants to battle?" threads in the General Pokemon Discussion. Also, certain threads have rules so always read them.

    3. Don't be a suckup. Do not suck up to Serebii, the mods or SPPf veterans as it will most likely annoy them and they will add you into their bad books.

    4. DON'T SPAM. Do not go into the HGSS Speculation discuusion and say "lawl, i hope cieibii is catchebal ingam" or "i hop the orang islasnd are in hgss" as people will only take you as anther idiot not to be taken seriously.

    5. If somebody is bothering you, PM it to a mod. Do not make a thread about it.

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