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  • I do night shifts at a clothes retailer! I've been doing this since january but I'll be quitting in 2 weeks

    that's good!! i have changed quite a lot but I still like the same stuff really, yeah I know what you mean hahaha I'm really missing old pals and stuff
    holy hell how's it going??

    yeah I've recently started to come on because I'm missing everyone hahahah, but I haven't been on for about 3 years now!

    I'll add ya when I get back from work hahhaah
    Lol I just like A.Z's soundtrack :p I've been to PC just to look around but I'm not a member there. Out of the ones you've listed I've only heard about Angel Beats and Fullmetal Alchemist. They all seem interesting so I'll take a look at them when I get the chance. Thanks!
    Yeah I've started to notice how places around here don't seem as active, and it appears a lot of threads have been removed (guessing due to inactivity)

    Getting some recommendations would be great if you don't mind! Not too long ago I went on crunchyroll and looked around, wasn't sure which ones to try watching other than the more popular ones. I think last time I saw Aldnoah.Zero
    Same here! I actually haven't been active for 2 years and I figured I'd get back in touch with ppl on the forum. I started to miss this place ;-;

    So I noticed on your bio you like Kill la Kill! Saw the anime a while ago and I've been listening to its music quite often. Ryuko's the most badass girl protagonist I've ever known though I'm not familiar with a whole lot of anime so there must be more lol
    It will make several people (don't know who yet) extremely happy!
    Thanks for helping spread Vivillons!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so very much for the Pokeballs! (and Rare Candies)
    Everything is good.
    Sorry for the delay.

    When is a good time to trade?
    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140
    My in game name is Sage.
    I honestly have mixed feelings about clones...I have a cloned Ditto I used for breeding and I'm sure that some of my event legends have been cloned.
    I try not to trade clones to anyone else though.
    I understand that most of the community accepts clones if they are informed before a trade.
    There are still a few folks looking for the event Vivillons...
    Sorry for thinking out loud.

    Ok, I'll take the clones.
    I will use them for the late comers wanting the event Vivillons and just have to remember they're cloned.
    Yes, I'm still trading Vivillons!

    I have Sun, Tundra, Jungle, Icy Snow, Savanna, Monsoon, Sandstorm.
    I'll breed more Oceans today.

    I would prefer 8 of your native pattern.
    I appreciate the offer of the shiny Monsoon but the whole reason I started trading was so that people could complete their collections and Keep their shinies and legends.
    Hm sent a few requests but you must have stepped away. Let me know when you're ready, or just send me a trade request!
    The Cacnea and the Rhyhorn would be fine with me :)
    Could you nickname Cacnea "Shaqtus," and Rhyhorn "The Boulder"
    Let me know when you're good to trade! What's your FC? Mine is 2680-9085-8247
    Nah I unfortunately I have a Marill, but I'm after the Azurill to complete my shiny competitive dex. Both of those nicknameable shinies do interest me tho :) What is the Rhyhorn's nature?
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