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  • No... This newb VM'd me and said that he'd reported me. It's on my profile.

    Yeah, apparently guiding a newb to the Pokémon Questions Thread is a crime to him.
    Speaking of changing the subject entirely, do you know any other artistes who make gym badges? I've joined a league and I want a Metagross themed badge, but the one I made looks like shyte 'cause I spent 5 and a half minutes working on it in MS Paint.
    Ireland's also bankrupt, and that really sad song that plays sometimes when someone dies started playing when I couldn't buy a book collection by my fave author and I had to leave the shop. ;__;
    Oh well, but I think I've found out why I dislike PPL so much. It's as if her flashiness gives her the warranty of self importance I feel as if I'm being ignored whenever she posts after me, and I find it incredibly annoying. Kris' grave is being desecrated by the likes of her!

    BTW: How much did you get Spirit Tracks? It's 35 euro here. :/
    Right. I saved it in fonts in my gimp 2.6 folder. I press text, I press open, I find visitor, And It doesn't work! It just comes up on the text typing with PK and two squares with four dots in them. I sent this to StonE edgE aswell.
    OMG, I couldn't care less!

    Is there any reason why artistes like Mew_ have a status as "Most Hated" on Misc? I asked but I'm too lazy to see if anyone answered. :3
    Yeah, but I can't do It... Hey I hope your a cheer warrior... Cuz I am! I am shiny krookodile. I make sprite edits and stuff. Can you tell me how to do the font?
    I can do userbars for our clan!
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