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  • nah cause i know what i have to do for the next 12/13 months till i finish high school and a presentation shouldnt be there ^^
    Nooo, you get all 600 on your dex on white 2 and you get a shiny charm which increases the chances of finding a shiny pokemon by 33%
    It's worth it if you delve that much into the game.
    Well there are plenty of anime that appeal in the same way as this. But so far this is the only anime that has given me goosebumps during a fight scene. The music that plays when the B-rabbit appears is amazing!
    Daily lives is interesting, I just find other things to do.

    No, but I've been meaning to find a running anime, that way I have something to look forward to ever week.

    Man, I'm pretty disapointed in the new daft punk album, Doing it right is the only one I've listened to so far that I like. Get lucky is severely overrated
    Hahhaa heck no! I ment im trying to complete the national dex on white 2!
    Get every pokemon on there all 600 odd of them!
    I haven't finished Pandora hearts yet as i just got it on DVD
    Well you wouldnt be much of an anime fan if you hadnt seen it. Its got that Alice in wonderland feel half the time!
    I apologise for the latent response!
    Yes indeed i would be! it is a great anime and i love it to bits!
    It's nice how people can recognise it just by that one little name :)

    Why thank you!
    Honestly i'm really only here for the dexing haha but maybe ill have a chit chat now and then :p
    nah but that's not the point, the point being i'm not doing it again yay
    Nah, maybe it was your avatar.

    Do you want me to tell you more about savvy so you can skip the awkward first conversations were you don't know each other?

    Yeah, I heard about GGO, but why would the enter another VRMMMORPG after the SAO incident anyway?
    IDK, you just did.
    Good, you will like her.

    Such a shame too, since it had such a promising concept, is the original light novel better?

    But I said most as in not all.
    You reminded me of this
    Did you dew et?

    When that one girl died at Christmas, the show died, that girl was a metaphor for the quality of the show.

    But a true one.
    I remember watching sonic X when I was seven.
    Dew et.

    I still cant believe how bad SAO got after the first few episodes.

    But guys who like yuri are generaly cool guys, while girl yaoi fans are usually weird.
    I don't remember...Did you say hi to savanny yet?

    Moes are usually mary sues.

    Yaoi is also meh to me, but I like yuri, sweet sweet yuri.
    That's the only reason I joined, I had no idea it had a social side.

    But why do you think I would like her?

    Also, am I just a perv or is yuri implied alot?
    I also started FLCL, you can see on my anime list page.

    I only watched until the blonde girl comes in, but what's wrong with homura? Why does she want to hurt the cat thing? Unless it's spoilers, then don't tell me.

    Ahd what is that supposed to mean? Both the as expected and yet another homura fan things.
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