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  • I would wear it to church, funerals, business meetings, airports.

    What about psychological mecha? Besides evangelion.
    I would wear it IRL, the flames, the kamina skull, the shirtlessness.

    Do you know any good psychological series? I hear psycho pass is good.
    I'm just gonna make a skin and put it on a trenchcoat, it will be based of simons jacket in the final.

    Lay 'em on me.
    I'm gonna make a gurren laggan jacket first.


    They come to me~ But yeah, I finished it yesterday, monday I start FLCL, then by friday I'll have started modoka.
    hey...err there is a lil problem w/ the working....sprites did get animated but they move slowly :0
    i've got maximum things from the shop but the problem is....it is on waiting list for most of the time...:p

    btw thanx alot :)
    yes actualy a frnd of mine is learning to make art using gimp! or something where he makes awesome stuffs....just that he is unable to animate the sprites!

    he uses GIMP!
    thankyou :)
    also to tell you i'm a big fan of flower paradice graphics....:)
    hey umm....abt the userbars do you know how to make 'em...!?
    if you do can you tell me how do you animate the poped out sprites?!
    Tell me, what else goes on in a day in the life of...of...ummm...

    So what makes it 17+?

    I'm gonna make a sig out of a gif starting at the point were she pulls out the second gun, you shoukd look at my current sif while you can, I changed it from the EVA banner.

    Is code grease any good?
    You seem like it from a glance...

    I thoight shoujo and shounen were young girls and young boys...

    Oh, look up "Go home homura your drunk" on youtube.
    Yup, just this weekend. Going on a vacation and forgot to tell Eve that....

    Anyways thank you!
    Well a weaboo is someone who wants to be japanese, otherwise your just otaku.

    But if it's 17+ how can it be shoujo? and can you give me a decent non-spoiler synopsis.
    Hey, just to let you know I'm not going to be on for the weekend for the shop, so can you edit your post saying I'm closed as well please?
    What country is your family from?

    I thought it was shoujo...All I know about it is that a cat spirit comes and grants wishes for girls but they have to turn into magic girls and fight witches.
    You know if you were'nt asain you be a weaboo to rule all weaboos.

    So after I finish this I'll watch FLCL since that is short I've already planned to watch madoka some manly anime.
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