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  • hey kyogre just letting you know ill be gone until monday so keep a eye out for the shop...i told lost, and sketch already about me being inactive...i just hope the thread doesn't plummet to far down by the time i get back...
    Hey, I'm on like 21 in gurren laggan, I liked the beast men arc ending, why is roshiu or whatever his name is acting like a jerkface.

    Also the new panda pokemon is gonna be bro tier.
    it's just one of those things you know it just doesnt become it, it is it

    alright thanks but it's a powerpoint presentation so i'll be sat on the computer reading it out :x but yeah i appreciate the help/advice, i'll try to reassure myself i'll do it ok on monday

    but yeah get out because you know it's ZORO, R, R, R but ok man i'm a zoro fan too :3 what episode are you on?
    woah yeah kyogre we need to talk about random stuff its our ritual

    anyway i had an english presentation today, i did mine about nintendo but i tried to wing it off, but yeah as soon as i said nintendo is i was like nah and social anxiety kicked my *** so i was like really red and trembled my words, so i sat back down awkwardly and yeah i'm gonna try and do it on monday omg help

    and yes one piece, yes yes gomu gomu no jet pistol i love it

    Not that I can recall, no...

    Well you have to admit, this is a manly anime, this isn't your "Ohh, onii-chan, will you be my husbando desu desu" girly moe stuff.

    Do you like it?
    I watched the episode where the drill town falls to to the ground, is there going to be some butt kicking in the next one?

    This anime is basically testosterone-tan, right?

    I posted there.
    I just watched episode 8 T-T

    RIP in piece kamino you were the coolest animu and mango guy ever.

    lik dis if u cri evertim
    Haha, definitely XD

    Yeah, me too! When they first introduced the Student Council, I wanted to know more about the members, especially Agata~
    I also think it's cool how they became the antagonists of the show ^ o ^

    I know! I have nothing against Usami and Katou, but the Student Council was way better with Michiru and Agata! Agata was a great President and I've always thought of him as an older brother for Tsubaki. Tsubaki was probably really sad when he left ; _ ;
    I'll type out one of those What I expected, what I got kind of things.

    What I watched: Teggan toppa gurren laggan
    What I expected: Pokemon for dummys

    I'm only on the 4th episode BTW.
    Yeah lol.

    I really like new forums because you actually have a chance at becoming staff and you're able to prove yourself as a leader. lol
    DanSen Wars (short for Danball Senki Wars) is basically set in a different universe/timeline from the previous two series i think?? only there's a returning character too
    so yeah, i guess you could call it that.

    the sakka matches were cool (though they were more like keshin matches at times =/), but i did actually notice some plot points as well.
    well OBVIOUSLY, but weren't you interested in HOW it would? =I
    yeah, there were gaping plot holes everywhere... //sigh
    i know, but HOW? not WHY, HOW?

    no worries ^^;;
    i suppose we could talk right now for a bit, but it's midnight, sooo....
    Haha, I know how you feel, I don't like girly anime either XD
    Sounds like an anime I would probably hate :p

    I know what you mean lol
    But maybe if you give it a chance, you might actually like it in the end~ That's how I felt when I started watching Sket Dance. I would watch a few episodes now and then, but I was never really "dedicated" to it... Then as more episodes were released, I actually started liking it, and now it's my favorite anime ^ _ ^
    you shouldn't have, it's such a great anime =O
    not really, no. i've been thinking about watching dansen wars, which has a completely different cast, so it's easier for me to start there than watch 100 episodes beforehand XD;;

    well, even so...
    still, i'd have liked all that build-up to have reached SOME sort of conclusion. it might have been in the games, but it sure wasn't in the anime =/
    true, though XD
    well i didn't catch any of it if it was ;;;;

    yeah, send me now!! it's a perfect time =D
    you... didn't... know that...?
    gurl, it's the WHOLE POINT of the anime =/
    have you watched danball senki? you know, that other level-5 series that got a crossover with inazuma?

    i don't even cry when characters die. =p
    what?? in GO, pretty much NOTHING was resolved. what did megane find while hacking fifth sector? what did hiroto and midorikawa while hacking fifth sector? how exactly did gouenji become seitei anyway? how did he get away with everything? how did SENGUUJI get away with everything? and that's not all...

    ugh, our timezones are so different ;A; could you send me something like 2-3 hours from now?
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