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  • My uncle went to a chinese resteruant and brought them home, they are suprisingly easy.

    Are you a member of club nitnendo?
    i did hear from her, no worries!

    not... really? i mean yes it's mainly about the relationship between the two main characters, but that's all linked to mechas and saving the world. it's a lot of genres, really... romance, adventure, action, mecha, comedy, tragedy... yeah.
    really? hmm, maybe it'll be the thing that finally makes me cry. i never cry out of sadness, whether it's because of misunderstood villains dying tragic deaths just as they've redeemed themselves or young children being shot right before christmas.
    inazuma is really bad at doing that =/

    true, true ;A;
    i've sent you a 'hi!!', if you haven't noticed
    don't think so... she hasn't replied yet.

    well i think it was a really good anime with an awesome storyline, graphics, and soundtracks.
    omg yes i need to watch angel beats too, not to mention catch up with fairy tail... OTL
    sooooooo are we gonna talk on skype or not? XD
    yep =D from now on, anyway

    mhm i thought so =p
    indeed. as much as i like shipping i don't like sparkly shoujo romance anime with bishounen. not that i hate romance entirely - eureka seven is a good example of an anime with romance that i really like.
    (also someone from sppf was looking for you on tumblr, mochi something i think?? she mistaked me for you, probably since i post a lot of i11 =p)
    please do use it, i miss talking with you ;A;
    and i can't be bothered to come on sppf either so ;;;;
    mine's flamemistress494, i shall send you a request right away!!

    i tried to watch utapri. i got to the end of the first epi before i gave up because ARGH TOO MUCH SHOUJO AND SPARKLES AND BISHOUNEN
    gay magical shota boys is where it's at man

    edit: you are anton nguyen right? i hope i haven't got the wrong person because i just pooped all over your skype
    also heeeeeeey have you caught up with chrono stone
    (double also are you telling me that you've started watching utapri)
    Utapri? Haha, I'm actually thinking of watching the show XD And yeah, I've heard it's a really popular reverse harem anime :p
    It sounds like it's one of those animes with nothing but hot guys and a lot of fanservice :I
    Does that mean you like it? I can't really tell XD
    Depends on what I'm interested in when I'm in college.

    When you see the devil it allways has spanishy sounding stuff.
    I'm being stupid on purpose
    Have you read the latest chapters? I'm not buying Orochimaru's sudden change of heart. he's up to something.
    Well he's the main character so he's gotta be more powerful than the rest, or else the manga wouldn't be interesting
    Anyway, I gtg. Talk to you later
    Newest sig in months lol
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