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  • added :) the cyndaquils are on my X version, so my IGN will be Washu (Gym Leader Valerie sprite). Just lemme know when you're ready
    Hey there! I have a female Lux ball Cyndaquil all ready to go (random nature/IVs), but yes, I can use my 6IV Ditto to breed for natures/IVs; it just takes a bit longer due to the low female ratio :) Whatever you'd prefer
    Yeah i was thinking about that yesterday dude. Ill definitely let you know what i need after i get a complete team together. Like before ill try to get everything myself but i only have so many pokemon available in pokemon y
    Yeah ill have to push it back because i make all of my pokemon from scratch so it will take a little while but ill be sure to tell you when im ready man.
    I appreciate hearing from ya again! I would like to battle on the 3ds and im starting fresh just like you are dude. That is why i gave us 2 weeks to do so.
    When you joined, I quit.
    That was when I was in the desolate land of Pokemon Solstice.
    Maybe that was PokeCascade, but there was a forum in between there where I briefly saw you?
    Idr. That was 2013. All 2013.
    Yeah when it comes to OU if you want to be creative then you will have to dig deep and use a different ability or a few different moves here and there . But UU you can do so many things and the surprise factor can be through the roof
    Yeah i am too dude. Lets have a gentlemans agreement that we make our UU teams creatively and not copy and paste standard sets for the entire team.
    Hmm well how about we have a battlespot kind of battle so OU and then whatever else we decided to put on out teams and then we have a UU battle in like 2 weeks time. That way we can research the teirs and both be on equal footing you know?
    yeah thanks man, we definitelty have to battle soon. Ive been thinking about making a UU team but with mostly RU pokemon. Because the UU teir only has like 50 some odd pokemon in it so it could get repetitive. Want to set up a battle for a few weeks from now?
    hey man i appreciate the hard work. I do not know the first thing about hidden power breeding so its fine that you cant get one. Ill take the run away one and if you have a adament one with decent iv's ill take that too. Thanks for your hard work, ive been doing alot of thinking and i will have to change some things around. Like persian probably has to go even though it has done some nice things for me, it just cant stop things like the millions of sawks that keep showing up and what have you so ill exchange him for something a little more bulkier maybe kangaskan and ill have to bite the bullet and include nine tails. If i do those things and possible add rotom fan and give it electro web i think ill have a complete team and be even better then i was before.
    (Don't look at my old VMs. I am an evil 11 year old.)
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