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  • tested the team out on pokemon showdown and it was ok but a failure for what i was planning it to be. It helped me see what i needed to do and ill be able to make the necessary adjustments.
    I appreciate it buddy and its awesome getting to reconnect with you . My fc is 2423-4680-3833 hey before you go can you do me a favor? im making a battle spot team for x and y and im stuck on the last pokemon. Ill send a pm but thing sthat you need to know before hand is that i do not use the pokemon that everyone else flocks to like mega kangaskan and charizard y ect so its tough being semi creative and having to rely on some common pokemon because lets face it battle spot is a bit unforgiving .
    I havent had a name change but i was very happy to see that you were online! Yeah dude we should totally trade/battle ect i would enjoy having a constant form of communication and teamwork wit ha old friend. You wouldnt happen ot have access to the oras move tutor would you? My buddy used to get me the moves for free but he reset his game and until he beats it again im out of move tutor moves lol.
    I think you were in the group and i was kind of on the outside but we talked and started being friends. Yeah dude ill be here for awhile i got back into competitive pokemon and i want to see if i can bring my skills from 4th gen to this gen. There are so many different pokemon its amazing so i have alot of work cut out for me
    hahaha yeah dude we used to talk 3 years ago so its cool if you forgot about me. I just came back to serebii a few months ago so its cool seeing a old friend online
    the iv's and natures of all legendaries are prety useless, those are just the ones I have double, but I already got the dratini, so thanks anyway.
    Okay, my FC is 0920-2337-6842 and my IGN is Haruka.
    On a side note, this Phantump has a German name, but it's not a nickname, so it will turn into a Trevenant with no nickname after it evolves. I'll add you now, we can trade right away if you'd like.
    I can offer you a 5IV Buneary, a 6IV Ralts, 2 different 5IV Phantump and 3 different 5IV Cottonee. All of them are male and some of them also have beneficial natures.
    Well, I can't get any of those Pokémon directly as I only have Alpha Sapphire, but I'll try to get one through trading and breed it. I'll contact you again if I got one.
    Sorry for the late reply, name the pokemon you want, let me know nature and what ivs you want, ill breed and send it across
    The gligar can be female, that's fine. But could you do me a huge favor and nickname it Ms. Malady? Thanks for coming to me with a question. Always open for negotiation. :3
    alright sounds good I'll PM you my friend code later. I'd like him to be male with the only IV missing in special attack
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