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  • Do me a favor (cause it looks like I don't have your request anymore after all) go ahead and post again with whatever you'd like, if you'd still like to that is.
    Stumbled across this, so I thought I'd answer. ^^

    can you find your SID from traded shinies? I got a Red gyarados from a faraway place.
    I don't RNG, but I understand it enough to know that it has to be a random encounter shiny that you caught yourself on that exact same save game. That Gyarados is the one that you get from HGSS, judging by the "faraway place" location, so it won't help at all in finding your SID. You need to find a random encounter (or 4 chained) shinies from the game you're wanting to find the SID for to actually get it. :3
    Surskit is a adorable forgotten bug from Hoenn and with a unique typing.

    Unfortunately it's of little use in competitave battling, but it might work on an NFE LC RD team, I'll try that sometime.
    Well, let's see...

    Lucario was the supposed legendary at the time of it's reveal (which immediately contributed to many fans), then it just plain looks cool. I think I really started to get into the whole "fan" thing when he was playable in Brawl. I dunno, I just think he really is a decent character to use. I don't play much metagame, but I do have quite a few different Lucarios ingame. I'm honestly not sure when I started to really like the design, but I guess it has something to do with the colour scheme, and maybe because it's based off an Anubis.


    Yeah, I like Typhlosion a lot too. I would start with Cyndaquil in HeartGold... but.... I can't pass up Totodile.

    Kyogre is one of my favorites too (duh). But I don't understand why you got Ruby. I got Sapphire the first day it came out back when I was in 7th grade. lol That was so long ago!
    Pokemon Gold was my first Pokemon game. Totodile was my first Pokemon. I was a really big newbie back then, so all I did was train my Totodile. He was a lv.74 Feraligatr by the time I got to the E4. lol I just really like Feraligatr because of the nostalgia, it looks really cool, it's a Water type, it can do well in battles (although it is outclassed by Gyarados, but it can still do well regardless), etc.
    I like the color, the design, the symmetry, the typing and the move pool. Only Pokémon I've ever resolved to obtain just from seeing the design.

    I use one in-game; I don't battle anywhere else or by any other means.
    It's one of my top favourites, but I list it as my favourite here to match up with my user name. I always thought Victreebel looked a lot more fierce than the other grass types, a real monster of a pokemon. I actually started off with Pokemon Red, so I never used Victreebel in game, only on online battle simulators (long before wifi or shoddy battle) and then eventually using it in Leaf Green. It's not a great pokemon, but I play the games for fun and not for the battles, so it doesn't matter to me.
    In your sig you have the smaller version of a trainer card, if you wish to get the regular size, add this to your sig http:// img269.imageshack.us/img269/7721/e344aebadeeec54baaa9800.png (get ride of the space between http:// and img269)
    Welcome to the ghost type lovers group KyogreKing. Btw were holding a D/P/P tournament with a legit shiny Darkrai as first prize. You can check out the rules and post your FC in the tournament thread of the group
    For me he was my first level 100 poke.
    Also, Sapphire was my first game, and I like to pick on my friend he likes groudon
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