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    The Pokémon Alphabet Game

  2. KyogreThunder

    What would your team be if you were the anime protagonist?

    Kanto: Growlithe-Arcanine Staryu-Starmie Nidoran-M-Nidorino-Nidoking Eevee-Jolteon Dratini-Dragonair-Dragonite Jigglypuff-Wigglytuff Johto: Heracross Marill-Azumarill Houndour-Houndoom Eevee-Espeon Skarmory Larvitar-Pupitar-Tyranitar Hoenn: Mudkip-Marshtomp-Swampert Electrike-Manectric...
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    Pika Pika Sparkling Love! Poipole Spins Round and Round!! (1010)

    An alright episode. I liked seeing Poipole feel remorse after poisoning Rowlet and Lillie helping the latter recover. Ash wasting all the Beast Balls was funny. 7/10
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    What Pokemon move comes to mind for the letter above?

    Waterfall C
  5. KyogreThunder

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Type above?

    Moltres Steel
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    What Pokemon do you think of from the move Above?

    Venomoth Spark
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    What Pokemon comes to mind for the generation above?

    Lapras Generation IV
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    Pokemon Wordchain

  9. KyogreThunder

    Rate the pokemon move above

    10/10 a cool signature move Extrasensory
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    The Pokémon Alphabet Game

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    Like Rotom
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    Rate the Pokemon above you

    10/10 looks cool and has a great Ability Magnezone
  13. KyogreThunder

    Your favorite (blank) Pokemon

    Latios Favourite bovine Pokemon?