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  • yes I saw that I just been busy with things I haven't even got a chance to do anything these few weeks I did see it without logging in one time when check the thread.
    Oh, and also remember when you battled my flying gym? I lost terribly, i felt i can never win against you, but i did! Not trying to brag, but just wanted to use it as an example to show you point i made in my last post's last sentence.
    For motivation, battle with my teams, i cook them up and they are terrible! **Just Kidding!** (even though it still loses all the time)

    Losing is not the reason for leaving actually, build a team on showdown, use it, fix up the mistakes and in the end you will get a REALLY good team. I made a UU team using this process and got from 1000 to 1350 very quick!

    Also, when battling gym leaders, try something unexpected. I have my battlespot rating in the high 1200s but i still enjoy it! Now i planned the kind of team i am gonna use to grind back up, its VERY unexpected, a trick room for singles! I just have to EV train 3 of my mons and then i am done!

    Now, coming back to the topic, quitting just because you lose is not the reason, but it is a reason to come back with a stronger attack!
    So, given the new previews we got, what do you think? What are your predictions of the Pokémon used on the Ash vs. Clemont Gym match?
    Well, if you really want to leave I won't stop you, but you are always welcome to come back to the league if you wish.
    that's true, but at same time shows u can do well at battling, i dislike vgc due to i believe singles are much better but we all have opinions, i'm lazy at team building as well i like trading for what i need and just EV them myself since breeding can get boring, if ur that way as well can always ask for help at anything u may need, i can always help u test teams building things like that, i'm not the best but have guild friends who are always there
    believe me I know how you feel, I have 4 plus boxes of 5iv mons that I haven't leveled up a) I don't particularly like them, b) never used them, c) I'm lazy xD It is frustrating to lose when you are using pokemon you are most familiar with but sometimes we have to grin and bear it. Though I will always use my Furfrou, even if it stinks xD
    You know that if you lose against the e4 you can change your team completely right? You should have a little more faith in your skills, you got a lot of badges really quickly and were able to beat at least 1 of the e4 on your first try, so you obviously know what you are doing. Yes it can be frustrating but you shouldn't give up! if anything take a break from the e4 and get some of the other badges!
    hey, i just wanna say i hope u stay n shouldn't quit, i felt upset when i lost to you in are first match, i felt as if i can never win battles no matter what i did, but i just told myself i'll win next time and i won 3 badges yesterday you gotta have faith you'll win, i noticed u finished 21st in the vgc that's great something i probably can never do, your a good battler, if u feel down just stay positive as best u can! :)
    Hey, is everything ok? I saw you were leaving a few leagues and you mentioned it in ours as well. A loss in battle isn't anything to be sad about, it just prepares you for the next time! If this is something you want to talk about I'm always willing to talk to you.
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