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  • lol he is alright its not like forbids me to play pokemon just we got some other personal things that have problems that cause these things so once there fixed it be alright we been together for 5 years if he hated me that bad doing this so much he would of left by now lol he does love me though which once everything is fixed we shall be married :3 and alright lol I shall defiantly let you know when I am open ;)
    lol you must have the same time as me and I will do if I do sorry about my horrible activity lately just been dealing with alot of irl stuff atm my boyfriend hates pokemon too which sometimes he does get mad when I am on the forums to much so I try to limit my time on here so he doesn't think pokemon is more important then him which it isn't tbh. I hope this week though I should have it open soon though been working on trade shop requests as well.
    sorry no its not atm its like almost 1 am where I live and I rather vm anyway because pm's just clutter to much and I hate deleting message lol I may or may not open though depends on whats going on atm at my house.
    more or less i need to see how much damage they can take and how well they do vs counters id more prefer your ou team or a team that can battle properly
    yo let me know when a good time for u to come on need practise to battle + test poke my time zone is (UTC-04)so just hit me up when ever you can
    I just had a brainwave and got the perfect counter to manapy:

    Unaware (especially clefable)

    Go nuts!
    lol thks most ill actually need is just getting specific pokes with ha but ill ask if i need once i finish everything ill we can plan when to meet and battle etc lol btw my list is kinda big so itll proberly take a while to get everything/test everything
    ok well i guess ill just wait till i actually get or before i battle you also i kind of need someone too test pokes i just bred can you just help me test them out ?
    its no problem I hope to have it done in a day or so busy with my trade shop requests atm...
    hey kyurem which game do you have is it x/y or or/as i want to know since i want ot use a specific mega agisnt you and want ot know if i should wait till i get or/as or jsut battle you when am actually ready
    hmmm well most of my userbars are not gif images so having the gif might be a problem but i can use one frame of the gif to put on your userbar and then use thebug catcher sprite no problem. I just want it to be fair to everyone else plus it takes work to get the gif on it :/
    Well, manaphy is quite rare (especially on non-simulators), and whenever i use one, something faster (it only has a base 100) and that hits super (thundurus for example) can ko it.
    lol yes what bug 3d model you want and your trainer sprite that is available 5th gen and below I may have some 6th gen stuff but not many of x and y leaders and e4
    252 SpA Raikou Thunderbolt vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Manaphy: 144-170 (81.8 - 96.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

    +6 252 SpA Manaphy Surf vs. 0 HP / 32 SpD Assault Vest Raikou: 166-196 (100.6 - 118.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

    Since its very easy to set up a +6, no.

    Using taunt is a good option though!
    Serp over slowbro, weeelll slowbro is defensive and serp is offensive, so you cant judge it, unless the slowbro is offensive, then serp is better (though you'll get another birdspam weakness).

    As for manaphy, chansey is your best option. Also, and fast pokemon (over 100 base speed) and a super effective hit can ko it with some prior damage (100/100/100 bulk is nothing to laugh at)
    yah maybe but i at one point was at 6-2 got lucky with talonflame i either should have put rocks up earlier or put a few more ev's into donphans attack which i will now that i know what it takes to knock out vivillon, but GG either way we can battle in 24 hrs if u want guess rules say gotta wait a day
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