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  • Zephraxe: Good. Let's go, Kórvem! *Holds onto Kórvem*
    Kórvem: *Tucks his arms in and begins flying forward very quickly*
    [I think the message on kik will serve a good explanation.]*Kisses your cheek in the broad public so I can embarass you*
    Zephraxe: I'll see you at the main Pokémon Center at 2 PM. Now we're running late, so do you mind us flying, Kórvem? *Looks at his best friend*
    Kórvem: Not at all. *Lifts Zeph up with his telekinesis and sets him on his back*
    Zephraxe: Thanks. I'll see you here, Mark?
    (Indeed, but Latios is also far more capable in a RP setting than he is in the games.)

    Kórvem: They do not need to do much. I am capable of more than just those type attacks.
    Zephraxe: *Looks at Kórvem* I do think a battle is in order... Later, though. *Looks at you* We can meet in Pacuram City tomorrow afternoon. There are other things I must do between now and then.
    Zephraxe: You don't think Kórvem can defeat Ferrothorn?
    Kórvem: I would gladly like to test that.

    (Don't forget, the battle logic of the video games don't apply to the anime/RPs.)
    Zephraxe: Oh, Kórvem! Why don't you show yourself? You really don't need to be invisible all the time. ^^;
    Kórvem: *A 7'6" Latios with a cold and calculating expression in his face appears next to Zeph* I would like to revise my claim. I have never lost to a single Pokémon in battle. It takes more than one to take me down, unless they are simply that powerful.
    Zephraxe: Best in the world? That's quite the the claim.
    ???: *Still in your head* I have never lost a battle, and never plan to.
    Zephraxe: *Smirks* Challenge accepted. When you get there, I will do all in my power to keep my title.

    *A voice speaks into Mark's mind* And so will I.
    Zephraxe: *Nods* That is also true. Perhaps we can have a battle later. Maybe just a one on one... But your Pokémon need to heal up first, of course.
    Zephraxe: Indeed, but I've faced more than enough to know how to handle Fire and Flying types. A skillful Pokémon can overcome any obstacle, including type advantage.
    Zephraxe: Your team? It seems fairly balanced. If you want to keep that balance, I suggest looking for Pokémon that might help compliment that balance. Though, balance isn't everything... My team proves that.
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