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  • Google crome doesn't work for me at all.

    Let me know when you're avalable for trade^^

    I had nice daydreams of korrina lately :3 and drawing her a ton too
    I better add you now so i don't have a hard time with it later. Thanks.

    No, firefox updates. They're KILLING my computer....for real.....
    Hey :D

    Lend me your friend code, please.

    We may have to wait around a half hour to trade though i'm not sure.

    My computer barely works anymore. I may have to start using my mom's from now on soon :/

    Updates you can't stop are awful and i don't understand why they happen.

    I'm looking at images of korrina to soothe my reaction to all this horrar though.

    I hope i don't sound like a drama queen :< i have a hard time stating scary things without lots of emotion due to the autism...

    I really am having issues, though.
    Thats two days from now. Seems like a fair wait :) Thanks.

    It better not rain or else....i may not get my korni ;.; I just can't go online easily on rainy days at all.
    Hi :) Please let me know what day is good for our trade.

    I may try to win the game without korni if i don't get her soon though. I do like playing a lot.

    However, i plan on still training her, even if i do win the game first :)

    It may give a nostalgic feeling of when i used to do that on my games when i was younger too^^
    You can add it :) Sorry i went away. I'm getting my period so i need to sleep a lot right now. Its been some of the worst pms i've had in awhile too....(its even done weird things to my crush on korrina LOL)

    I figured it was the festival plaza! Thanks for telling me in advance anyways :3 I needed to make sure^^

    I'd like her at level 1. Low level pokemon from trades tend to level up fast^^ and the pokemon i'm trading you is a cutiefly i've trained a bit myself that's also named after korrina xD I found her hard to train but she might do better with a different trainer who can level her up fast :)
    So glad you're on. I've been watching for you on here pretty much all day.

    I'm ready to get my riolu from you now. I know what pokemon i'll trade for her, too, and i hope you'll raise it to be the powerhouse i couldn't :3

    I just need to learn how trading works on the ultra sun and moon games first
    Oh RD is awesome :3 I like pinkie pie. she's pink *my favorite color~*, and super happy, a lot like korrina is :D
    You're such a sweetie :)

    Hey, do you watch my little pony? :3 i think that show is very nice^^
    Yes, i want the female name Koruni :3 I duno if i'll have space on my team for it right now, though. I sort of feel like using the pokemon i have more right now, and my starter already has a fighting move now xD though i may think of putting riolu on my team over my buneary after he evolves.^^ Thanks for doing this for me :D *hug*
    Hey i'd love that :D Thanks a ton :D Whats your friend code? I may get offline soon my tummy kinda hurts however i'd love to get that riolu from you
    Hey Happy New Year :D

    I may go off and play ultra moon more soon. I'm not very far yet xD I still have my starter as a litten lol
    I played games starting from around age ten. I'm pretty different from a lot of people i've met online....lol it has gave me issues, since due to how different i am, i worry i'll hurt other people one day :< and i'm a very caring person who wants to eventually give to charity.....being different is kinda pretty spooky. Also some people online have bashed me for it. Well, whole forums have. I'm glad this forum isn't like that. :) People here seem so kind and accepting. Since i have the autism, i rather not talk of people who are mean to others. Its part of what makes me feel very scared. Likely a major part. Since i never want the idea in my head that i won't always be a harmless, loving person :<

    I don't want to get compaired to other people, either.

    Do you still play video games? They say those are dangerous when you have epilessy.

    And thanks :)
    Sounds good :)

    Happy holidays^^

    I duno what else to say. I feel slightly triggered right now o.o rather not talk about it. I shouldn't feel triggered, i'm a good person.
    That does help me feel better, yes^^ its nice to meet other aspies online. Thank you.

    Also thanks for not wanting to talk those things either. They trigger me a lot.

    I was homeschooled as a kid too =)
    She's really awesome :3 I daydream me dating her^^ luk is usually with us. She seems to like to have him around a lot :3 likely cuz thats how she is overall in the anime. I still want her to love me too tho. Plus she's the one thing i feel really helps my autism improve right now. I think a sense of purpose like that would appeal to her too. Here's an image i made of her that i look at for autism comfort now;
    Seeing flowers and cute things around the one i love? does make it seem less scary to enjoy that type of stuff.... =D Korrina is such an angel to me, even if she isn't real. I feel i can really be there for others more now since getting into her. Like i'm 'fighting cuz i want to have friends' now. I'm so different from everyone i've met online that i've thought i didn't belong many times. It hurts me a lot since i have autism. Even now, you may want to keep negative topics like loneliness and bullying related ones far far away from me. I get very triggered and frightend over those. I want to believe in a happier, safer world, where i don't fear i'll hurt others cuz i've always been a girly girl. :/ So yeah. Stay happy around me, please :) topics about pokemon and korrina appeal to me a lot. We can talk anime too. Lets stay away from real life stuff though. Unless its really really happy. If it has any dark side, no bringing it up with me. K? :3

    I read some autism stuff today online. I felt it helped me. It said stuff about how aspies should learn to know what they really like and stuff and use it to help them cope. It was interesting =3

    I'm a vegetarian too. Violence and suffering and killing just upset me too much for me to want to eat dead animals :<

    I understand pokemon is more a 'getting stronger/improving' type of fighting tho so people like korrina are very cool to me now :3
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