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  • Just the Deino. However you see fit. Just remember that that is the only copy of him, so clone beforehand if you want. (I will need a UT back as well)
    Don't worry about all that. I can handle that stuff (I have 4 versions of my Axew). And you would recommend it for Gyarados too? As for shiny trading better, I know. Probably for the best.
    o right, since i have my SID now, I can get the Pokemon shiny, or non-shiny. I personally HATE shiny Dragonite, so I refuse to make that one shiny, unless you are going for LC too. It will come with Extremespeed on the other hand. As for the others, I will make them shiny if you request it. I will start in 2 hours (Because thats when I can enter the Dream World again).
    OO!!! I'll give you redis rights to some of my new pokemon (Which under normal circumstances will be non-redis) if you can give me a copy of that!
    I am sure to have some more stuff very soon. The main stuff I have right now is a shiny Kyurem, Litwick, and some others that I will be catch/breeding very soon. As for IVs, you already know Litwick's (31/26/30/31/31/31) which I am thinking a 4HP/252SpA/252Spe spread. I cannot do BPs (Or RNG abuse) as of this time, as constraints of WPA at my house require me to only do RNG abuse or DW. And there is a day's waiting period between switching to DW. However, if Judasu, or someone else (Hint hint), has a good chlorophyll bulbasaur, as well as a female DW dratini, I will go back to RNGing immediately. Only because I have actually made a pretty good team. These guys I really want EVed by someone else, so I do not screw it up like Flygon. Wow, this VM is getting really long. xD
    Sorry its been about a week. Been busy trying to learn how to make a good team for competitive battling. I suck at it. Actually, if you could EV train some of mine, that would be nice. Of course, I would like the UT version back as well, and yes you may keep a copy of it. the problem is what to do with the Pokemon I've already traded to you xD.
    Oh man, lucky :p Do you RNG? I just wanted a clone cause I'm trading it tomorrow for a Shiny Tepig. Anyway, good luck getting more pokemon!
    Thanks for trading me the Treecko and with a Focus Sash! Too bad you couldnt clone my Minccino, I'll find someone else though!
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