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  • Hey, I was wondering if you still had this lapras that I traded you or at least a similar one. Im trying to get all the eggmove pokes back that I traded around because I lost my other file to unfortunate curcumstances. I really just need a copy, not the accutual pokemon.
    I Would Like To Trade:
    Pokémon Name (not the nickname):lapras
    Event (Only if the Pokémon is a Event):N/A
    Nature:modest brave bold
    Level:all lvl 1
    Gender: most male modest is female
    Characteristic:different ones
    OT Gender (is the OT blue or red):all blue
    ID Number:20527
    Touched or Untouched (if touched how touched): ut
    Place caught: goldenrod
    Move Set: curse/refresh/anceitpower/bubble
    What do you want:tm swords dance if you have it. If not any good eggmove pokemon
    Additional Details: relatively superior to all
    1101, 2202, 3303, 4404, 5505, 6606, 7707, 8808, 9909, レシラム, ゼクロム or キュレム
    She ain't there because she has to call you 10 times first.

    Behind the Pokemon Centre in Nimbasa City (like 2 tiles from the lampost on the left)
    Near the Officer in Route 16
    Behind the fence on the bottom of Route 5
    Somewhere near the slope to Clay Road in Driftveil City
    Across the first bridge and near the ledges of Route 6
    Around the stairs near the Breeder in Route 7
    On the Airstrip of Mistralton City
    Route 9 near the Hidden Hollow
    Yamaji Town near the stairs.
    Undella Town between 2 rocks
    Route 13 near the start from Undella Town which is behind the ledge. Somewhere around there. There's rocks and a Fisherman.
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