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  • Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    Just so you know

    If we were in a trap like that was in the new SAW movie I wouldn't even need to stopand think about it before I saved you, I'd save you from the start without a second thought

    About your FB post

    Fullname: Elesha Harris. You’ve never told me your middle name or names.
    Age: 20
    Birthday: October 22, 1989
    Eyecolor: Blue
    Nickname: Poopie Bear, Beloved, Princess. Tjere was another one you told me that your friends call you that is play on your name, but I can’t remember spelling.
    One of my Best friends: David Granato
    Favorite color: Pink/Purple
    My dream: To own your own restaurant, to spend your life with me and have at least two children

    How did I do?

    Hopeing the love of my life sore throat will feel better, and about to send her a message to something she might love

    What a nice surprise.

    How are you doing? I've heard you have a new boyfriend, is he treating you right?

    Hey that's okay I know all about that... I just wanted to check up on ya i've missed you too :( but glad to hear things are going okay ^^;;
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