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  • well it would appear he found you alright ^^ and i believe wales but i might be wrong. ask him lol ^^ and no i didnt my buddy made not that i couldnt i just like to show other peoples work =)
    You can't really help about it, due to limitations.

    Do you have MSN by the way? I'm fed up with this forum lag.
    Lol! Thank you! NEver had someone say that before!

    And Surey is near Birmingham! It's south of Lodon
    You don't need to thank me.

    My life is going well thanks.

    Btw, I saw you talking about going work in food. Mind if I ask more about that? My family has had a few delis that have been in the family since 1948.

    That does sound like something to be mad about. I mean you don't go to your best friend and tell her your going to set her ex up, you don't even do that at all. I mean that goes ageist what friendship is.

    Even more so, when it's hard for them to meet and get together, and they keep bugging you about it.

    I am sorry to hear about that.

    It should be fine eventually this week. Also it's not your internet, these forums just load terribly slow. Almost to the point where I may stop visiting them altogether.
    Hello! TheUmbreonMaster directed me to you! It seems as if we have a lot in common! I'm from the UK as well lol!
    Would you like to talk about it?

    I know we just met, but I've been told I'm great at listing and giving advice.

    no problem, and i don't know how helpful this will sound but trust me it is.

    have you ever heard the saying "all is fair in love and war"? a lot people say that "friends shouldn't date their ex's" out of respect, but on the same respect she can't really control her emotions anymore then you could when you liked him. Instead of begrudging her you should just smile and move on, i doubt she desires him due to a personal vendetta against you, so dont take it personally. if anything it will help get over him knowing you won't have him back, assuming you want him. What it comes down to *takes out book of old sayings*, don't sweat the small stuff, though it seems important now, down the road its not going to matter right? its just useless drama your friend is causing thats just better off ignoring. lifes to short to worry about stuff like that. keep your chin up and move forward! *hugs*

    gawd i sound like and old fogey eh? lol

    and i actually have two "favorites" lopunny and umbreon. i have a cute lopunny banner in my signiture. click about me on my page to see it. ^w^
    also are you from the UK? look my friend "Harryheart" he is a really nice kid also from tne UK, you being such a polite person you guys would probably be good friends.
    i figured, im like lady "eevee" likes abomasnow lol that cant be right. Perhaps I can shed some light on your situation with your friend? what happened?

    and cheesed off? you're to cute lol *hands you a chocolate brownie*
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