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Lady Myuu
Last Activity:
Sep 14, 2018
Jan 26, 2004
Likes Received:
Jan 30, 1989 (Age: 30)

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Lady Myuu

Damsel mostly Stressed., 30, from kansas

Lady Myuu was last seen:
Sep 14, 2018
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. TurtwigFan1
      You've not been active for almost a month but I just stumbled across your profile when I was rereading mine and Yami Ryu's old conversations. I can't believe that she died, that's so shocking knowing that someone I was talking to a few years ago is now gone. Deepest sympathies to you <3
    3. Larry
      Happy Birthday!
    4. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    5. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu


      ratwater dragon baby!
    6. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu




      iz shiny
    7. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      I was wondering if you would ever have the time to open up that old RPG school of yours?
    8. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      yeah I'm alright
    9. PurpleMew
      Happy Birthday.
    10. aaron-now
      Happy Birthday!
    11. InnerFlame
      Yeah I figure that, but because that's his personality to get lost looking at his plant... I can't find a reason to bring him back to the lunchroom... Oh wait, I guess he could bring back the glass.
    12. Shadowfaith
    13. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Myuu where are you D: I finally recover enough, to crawl out of bed, and you and Sandra aren't on and I'm all alone....

      I'm also having to drop out of the RP, not really able to think up a reply, either here or in my drugged up state from the lortab pills, and my dad isn't getting me a laptop at anyrate *points at sig link in sig* has the rest of the rant.

      Tho your sig picture made me feel better.

      And I'm stealing it. For a msn avatar

      :< get on sooner tomorrow Myuu, I really can only last an hour or so.

    14. ~Neon~
      Hey, if you decide that Lucario should be a legend, can I have him as my second character? It'd be the perfect chance to use my uppity, melodramatic Riolu character Thespian (although in young human form). Oh, he is fun to discuss with Ze Cookie Fairy.
    15. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Yes you are evil Myuu, I don't know wether to eat the cookies or hoard them.

      D: </3
    16. Razor Shiftry
      Razor Shiftry
      lol, yeah, i have changed my name pretty recently. i was metagrossiron_fist a while back (aka Meta) xD i believe i took part in an RPG of yours once. lol, i normally hang 'round the RPG forums
    17. Exxthus
      So, you got a friend request from Razor Shiftry too, huh? Any idea who they are? I'm stumped. Oo
    18. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      Just saying I'd have really loved to take part in The Form We Take, but I wouldn't have had much opportunites to post; I've got exams and all that. Maybe next time.
    19. Exxthus
      Heh, yeah. Meet you on meebo?
    20. Exxthus
      Thinking about it. :d

      Like I said, I'm liking the possibilities I could have with Uxie.
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    Jan 30, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Not really active... just lurks.


    Just Lurking. ​