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Last Activity:
Jun 23, 2016
Aug 31, 2009
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Trainee Lawyer

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Nat. Dex COMPLETE!!!, from Singapore

LadyMiir was last seen:
Jun 23, 2016
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Hey Lady. How are you? xD Long time no see.
    2. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    3. CheapChap
      I have a college application exam in 3 weeks. Not really the college that I want, but I'm doing the exam anyway.

      So it means you're going to be a lawyer soon? :D
    4. CheapChap
      That'd require some engineering skills as well D:

      So, how's it going?
    5. CheapChap
      Oh, really? But Physics is... beautiful *-* Funny how I want to become a doctor but Biology isn't my favorite subject, haha ( it's my second most favorite, though ).

      Now you got me thinking: How's the 4DS going to look like? xD
    6. CheapChap
      Whaaaat? Physics is awesome D:

      I'm still thinking about it. I mean, Oot in 3D and a port of Star Fox 64? That's just awesome.

      Thanks :D
    7. CheapChap
      Yeah, that's how I look like during classes. Except for Physics, because who doesn't like Physics? :D

      How lucky of you! Planning on getting a 3DS as well?

      I just hope I can become a good doctor. Perhaps even work on "Doctors Without Borders".
    8. CheapChap
      Ugh, it's so hot here. Seems like I'm in Hell. Oh, and my classroom's AC doesn't work D:

      You could download the rom and a translation patch. That's what I did :P Oh right, got that mixed up.

      Btw, I'm going to apply for some Medical schools around here. Most of them are really good.
    9. CheapChap
      I thought you had left Serebii! xD But yeah, Christmas and New Years wasn't easy around here either... at least did you enjoy them?

      God, I haven't battled in... 6 months, I think? Haha. Oh yeah, how do you feel about Rotom-A getting additional types? (e.g Cut Rotom -> Grass/Ghost )

      ...too bad they end on monday. And since this is my last year of high school, I'll need to study extra hard to get in a good college.
    10. CheapChap
      I used to run the now standard BB/Spikes ( since I already had one pokemon with SR ) / Whirlwind / Roost. I supposed you got lucky and didn't run into a Gyara with EQ? Or were you using ScarfRachi?

      Huh, never knew they were called like that. Indeed, Flare Blitz is really awesome for Entei.

    11. CheapChap
      I used to run Brave Bird on Skarm to deal with some variants of Gyara. It also helped against the occasional Machamp / Heracross.

      Since I don't speak Japanese, I couldn't understand the plot, but it seems fairly interesting. Quick question, though: the Crowned Beasts are the part Fighting legendaries? Didn't know they already had such "names".

      And sorry for the late reply. Goldeneye + Movies + Exams kept me from posting here D:
    12. CheapChap
      Lol Ninjask, I'm surprised some people still use him. He's incredibly predictable and even easier to deal with.

      The yellow pure Dragon. I caught him here, but he had a bad nature so I didn't bother training him. Though I used AR to get a Genosekuto ( event pokemon, give me a break here D: ) and he was Timid. I was like :D
    13. CheapChap
      Not only that, but Roar/Whirlwind screws you up, unless you have Soundproff/Suction Cups. Pokesav does prevents you from wasting TMs / training pokemon, which is a good thing, I guess.

      Don't forget Ononokusu, among others. Really, there are a lot of broke pokemons there.
    14. CheapChap
      Tbh, you only see BP Zapdos on BP teams. Those kind of teams are rare nowadays, though. Meh, some stuff on Pokesav bother me, though. Like, having a pokemon with 31 IVs on everything.

      Haha, no problem!

      Oh hell yes. The cutscenes are awesome and the music is pretty good. Plus, Brokenmon are win =D
    15. CheapChap
      Only BP Zapdos uses... well, BP. I think it's fine to use AR as long as you don't hack some illegal things; ie: Azure Flute Arceus.

      It's not like the mods check everyone's profiles, though :/

      He's right about nerdgasming about the game :P
    16. CheapChap
      Sure, but Plat StallRein used Toxic. He only gained Super Fang on HGSS, which is much better. Indeed, but most people battle on online emulators / use AR, so it's legit.

      "My client has no memory of that." /quote from "30 Rock". There are another set of seven words, but they might be a bit innapropriate.

      Btw, I just finished the game. It's pretty awesome, but I won't spoil you the details. unless you want to.
    17. CheapChap
      I'll probably do this over the weekend ( Quick question, though: Did Zapdos had Baton Pass? ). StallRein is pure evil, I remember when it first appeared ( Toxic > SF, I believe ).

      Speaking of being a lawyer, do you know the seven most important words in the American Judicial system? /joke

      "Because Scizor needs some kind of special-based buddy." Good one GF, you just trolled the game.
    18. CheapChap
      Heh, thanks. I'll work on the EVs for this guy. But pure stall is awesome @___@ It makes the opponent go nuts.

      Oh damn, that sucks. Good luck on your vacations, haha.

      I'm not sure what GF was thinking when they created him.
    19. CheapChap
      Huh, I think I never saw leadZapdos... that's interesting. Do you remeber its moveset? Heh, I also liked SS stall, though I used Hippowdon > Ttar on my teams.

      You could download it to your notebook at home and play the game in London :P

      Heh, it's my avatar as you can see. But honestly, base 147 Atk + base 97 Spe + DD AND SD + awesome movepool = Lolwtf
    20. CheapChap
      Lolwut, Drill Peck Zapdos? Haha, that's really rare. When I used to play competitively, I liked to focus on either Hyper Offense or Stall ( extremist, hah ).

      You know, you could always download a rom and play it in a emulator.

      Indeed. Hell, I was discussing with a friend from SPPf, we think that Ononokusu might overcentralize the game more than Chomp did.
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    Trainee Lawyer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    The fact that I'm on this site tells you what one of my hobbies is.


    I sometimes use "uber" Pokémon. I sometimes calculate stat values. I never use cheating devices. I sometimes try to breed my way to perfection (and maybe fail), and I care about natures to an extent. But I like my Pokémon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.
    (Adapted from Tyranitar's philosophy.)

    David Tennant
    Viggo Mortensen

    Sort of back! Playing through Black 2 and working through my Dex. PM me for inquiries!

    Black 2 ID/FC: Cassie 3311 2386 7094

    LF: Legends/Events, shinies, Kangaskhan, Smeargle, Miltank, Whismur, Minun, Torkoal, Lileep, Kecleon, Glameow