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  • Haha, verily.

    Oh right, Heatran too. I got Mew through the Glitch, so :p

    Heh, you should play Edgeworth's game. Epic as hell, and a sequel is already in the works. I don't like Franziska, she irritates me >_>'

    Hmm, not sure on ubers. Some stuff like Ononokusu, Sazandora and Shandera are also new threats. Ridiculous threats. ( wtf @ Shadow Tag and 145 base SpA. Revenge Killer pls? )
    Funny thing, I heard that while playing Soul Calibur 2.

    I actually liked Dialga's and Lati@s typings. You don't see that everywhere, it makes them unique.

    Makes you think how a real courtroom is like. Probably not as awesome, though. because it would lack Edgeworth ;_;

    Butterfly Dance + Bug Buzz + Flamethrower (Fire Dance ) + Psychic ( or lolGale ). Broken.
    And would ,therefore, lose. "Overconfidence is the greatest enemy" :p

    Indeed, no more "Psychics" or "Dragon/Flying".

    Heh, I hate Oldbag >_> /majorpwfan

    The Bug/Fire Butterfly-thingy is LOLBROKEN. Actually, a lot of pokemons are broken ( in theory, at least ). I'm still at the second gym, though.
    Lol, Latias would need to be crazy if she stayed against any Ttar. But yes, Pursuit on ScarfTar does the job.

    I actually liked those new legendaries typings. Their movepools look broken, but that was expected. Dark/Dragon is lolwtf.

    I guess I'm excited all the time, then ( ...that didn't sound well, huh ). Lol, you should go like "You whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!" *shakes fist*

    On a side note, I just got a Pokemon White rom ( a patched version, which is semi-translated in English ). This game is quite awesome, if I may say.
    It's been a while since I've seen a ScarfTar in action. Personally, I prefer DDTar.

    Oh, no problem!

    Well, I've got to say, some pokemon have a very good design... and some type combinations are just awesome ( lol Dragon/Elec).

    I speak so fast that sometimes even I don't understand what I just said xD But I think I have some sort of Californian accent when I speak English. Lol, so you have various English accents? That's interesting, haha!
    Boah and MixTar have excellent movesets that cover pretty much everything. CMCune is still a classic ;D


    Meh, the videos didn't impress me that much... and some moves just seem to be downright broken ( lol boosting 3 stats at the same time ). But everyone loves sea otters ):

    I can speak and read English, Portuguese and Spanish. However, according to my teacher, I have a German accent when I speak Spanish ( and my grandfather is German, lol ).
    Oh, Ttar has a lot of different options: DDTar, TyraniBoah, CurseTar, CBTar and MixTar. Quite isn't the best nature for Heatran... something that boosts SpE would be better ( or Modest ).

    I just saw them... the fire starter is ugly. I think, IF I buy this game, I'm going to choose the water starter again. Mainly because I didn't like the Grass one base stats.

    That.would.be.awesome. I can't read Japanese either... speaking in which, what languages can you speak / read?
    Hell yeah. With 1 DD, he already becomes a powerful threat ( since his Choice sets have a problem: either you're strong but not that fast or you're a good revenge killer but lacks power ).

    Well, there's always Ttar for SS support. Oh well, what's your Heatran's nature?

    Indeed, the startes are ugly as hell D: Tbh, I'm curious about the legendaries. I mean, we already have pokemons that control time, space AND A FREAKING GOD. What else can they come up with? Day and Night? Quantum Physics? McDonalds?
    If he had SD he wasn't legit. Flygon has the right typing/ability. He just needs better stats and a set-up move.

    That's awesome. YacheChomp used to be a terror back in his OU days. Also, SubChomp works great with SS support ( 20% evasion hax ftw ). Good luck on Heatran, try asking a friend for a pokesav.

    Not that much, really. The 3D graphics look cool and all, but three pokemon on each side of a battle? That's ridiculous.
    I remember him killing a Kyogre using a Magikarp. Epic stuff.

    Probably a hacked Flygon :/

    The Smogon sets should suffice. SD/Sub/Outrage or Dragon Claw/EQ is the standard Chomp set. I forgot what the item was, but I suppose you can't go wrong with Lefties or a Salac... oh, and Jolly 252 Atk/252 Spe / 4 Def ( if you have a 30 IV HP Chomp, that's important ). For Heatran, just use the standard Scarf set and you should be fine. Smogon has it, so just go there :D

    I know, right? ;_;
    I can't deny that :p I used to watch some WiFi battles on YT... mgtxerxes and TheKillerNacho were/are awesome.

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't get SD, otherwise he would get more usage.

    Actually, for Chomp, you can use Sub+EQ+SD+Outrage. Sub blocks the confusion, so it's all good. I'd recommend a Trick Scarf lead if you're going this way though... otherwise, it's fine. Starmie+Chomp is good, Starmie herself decimates the BT. Other than Gengar, I'd adivse Heatran, but it's up to you.

    AND METROID THE OTHER M IS OUT. IT'S AWESOME. not the best metroid ever, but still. Too bad I'll only be able to buy it in 2 weeks.
    You can make the comments in your head~ Oh, I see. But some people on YT just try too hard, you know?

    Yes, his speed is one of his glaring flaws ( the lower SpA also hurts, but not by that much ). Indeed, if only he had something like DD / SD or higher Atk/SpE...

    I see. Congrats on the Silver Print! Think you can make it to Gold by using the same team? I'd advise using a TrickScarf team if you want to be on the safe side, but even I didn't use one in my best run. Good luck!
    That's better... I think. Most YouTubers are good, so you won't have any problems playing the game.

    I meant that I had the set here, in my PC, but oh well. Problem with Nite is, stuff that killed Mence still kill Nite, but Mence had an easier time against physical attackers. Flygon has one heck of a movepool ( a Dragon with U-Turn? Win. ). It just need better stats.

    ...what. On a side note, you're not back in London, then?
    Don't go to GFaqs. Please. If you need ANY help with the game ( the gba/ds versions, I presume ), feel free to ask me. I don't want to sound cocky, but I'm pretty damn good at it.

    Heh, I think I still have a great bulky nite set here somewhere. But oh well, people might use Nite now as the new DDancer. Flygon needs more love, really. Hah, indeed.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWQDnuzdReE ;___;
    I'd suggest Fire Emblem, but oh well. I've played PMD, but I never got that much into it. Never played Ranger.

    I totally agree. Mence does not centralizes the metagame the same way Chomp did. Expect to see a lot more Heatrans around, and maybe Dragonite / Flygon.

    One week 'till the game gets released... I'm going nuts.
    I wasn't going to suggest a pokemon game, but oh well. Never played Ranger.Do you know what a surprise in Ubers is? Mence. What the hell, Smogon.

    Oh well >___<

    Indeed, but still, the japanese one is much more awesome.
    You could always watch movies, though. ...Might I suggest a new game for you to play? That might help you. Lucky Gyara >_> Physical Mewtwo isn't bad, really. It's can actually work pretty well.

    Sometimes you're better off buying a new R4 than reparing your old one. Out of curiosity, how much a R4 costs?

    Oh well, it happens all the time :/

    EDIT: Told ya.
    Wow, your summer break is until September? You're so lucky ;__;

    I can get you all of these. Sorry for you Plat though, what happened?

    It is. It's the japanese cover, however. The US one is going to be worse, I know it :/
    My winter break starts this Wednesday, so I'll try to fix my WiFi asap. Also, THANKS :D

    I thought you were in London? Oh well, that truly sucks...

    OH THE WIN @_@
    Indeed. Hah, you still remember that? I'll notify you if I need anything and we can trade... though what I really want is to sent my Diamond team to my HG >_>

    You didn't? Why?
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