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  • Your pokemon are nearly ready, just Torchic left to do. What do you have in return? Any pokemon with egg moves?
    Yeah, RBY Gengar was pretty scary. Froslass is ok I suppose, but I'm not too found of her, stat-wise.


    I get what you're saying. And it's not even summer here... hell, it's not even spring yet! Summer here is like, 35+ degrees Celsius. Thank god for the beaches.

    Well... I <3 Star Wars xD You should try playing it sometime, it's a hard yet fun RPG.
    You're welcome ^^

    Wait, why don't you like Gengar? He has the nicest smile ever.

    Hmm, I can see that. What kind of law do you hope to practice ( like, criminal law, corporative law, family law, etc. )?

    Myself, I live in Rio de Janeiro. I don't know if it's well known worldwide, but it's a pretty important city here in Brazil. Also, it's freaking hot >_>"

    Oh, LoTR. I'm not a big fan ( or a fan at all ) of the series, so I wouldn't know that xD ( I thought it was related to some Fire Emblem character named "Myrrh, but it seems I was mistaken ).
    Yeah,and the only female i have s modest,if that's ok,and chat in the chat with us,i'm bored.
    Oh, check your PM box later, I reviewed your team.

    Btw, hope you don't mind me asking this, but what does "LadyMiir" stands for?
    Yeah, I also need one for my Stall team... that and a Celebi xD

    Kay, I'll review it and send it back to you. Hope you don't mind if I suggest natures and items.

    Law you say? That's quite interesting. Being a fan of the Phoenix Wright series, if you like law, you're awesome :D

    Oh, seriously? I don't know many brazilians that went to London ( I haven't... yet ). How is it there anyway?
    It's not that difficult to use it once you get the hang of it. Just beware of the insane request on GTS. Seriously, level 25 Spiritomb for a level 80 Zapdos? REALLY? >_>"

    Oh sure... but send them on a PM. With their movesets ( and roles, if possible ), makes easier for me to read. Also, you don't have to EV train if you don't want to, but it helps a lot.

    Damn, that is complicated, eh? Why London, might I ask?

    I live in Brazil btw.
    Unfortunally, I'm having problems with my WiFi atm, can't help in the trading part.

    However... I can rate your teams ( I'm a rater on In-Game Rate my Team of 4Gen... though I rarely post that nowadays ).

    So... where are you from?
    Hey, no problem adding me as a friend. I appreciate that ;)

    Anywho, do you have any questions ( personal or not ) you want to ask me?
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