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  • However, Machops with good IVs / moves / Abilities are valuable. And my wifi still can't connect D: ( mostly because I haven't bothered doing anything about it >_< ). I'll probably try to fix it myself on my winter break. Which is 2 weaks from now.

    ...I wish I got paid. ;___;
    Not so sure on Heracross, people don't like them that much these days. Machop, on the other hand...

    I'm glad I never had summer work ^___^
    Still, beating the game with Rentals makes you feel awesome.

    You could throw some Beldums there, too.

    Also, sorry for the late response. Too busy.
    Well, you didn't have Choice items in Stadium 2. And your pokemons sucked. Thank god for Explosion >_>

    Well, some people are just that desperate, amirite? xD
    I still have nightmares about Clair's Kingdra in Pokemon Stadium 2. That was hell with Rentals only.

    Oh well, to each its own, I guess xD
    Lol Ampharos with a +Spe nature. Timid Arcanine can be useful with a Special set, but Jolly Ninetales is... well, sorry.

    Too bad people don't care about our rules D: Indeed, they're beyond ridiculous.
    Yeah, Faint Attack iirc. Bad SpE IV in freaking Ampharos sucks. I just got him prz'd, switched and then ohko'd.

    GTS was a good idea, but it failed miserably. Better luck on 5th gen, Gamefreak.
    I have to say, I got lucky with my Ampharos too. Static screwed Karen's Umbreon, so I could ohko'd with my Gatr's Superpower.

    Ahh ;___; I think it's a bit weird that this forum has a LOT of members, yet none of them live next to both of us.
    Oh, so that's why. Go +10% def.

    Well, my good pokemons are on my Diamond because, surprise surprise, no one here plays pokemon ( and only a few have a ds ). Seriously, this sucks D:
    Well, maybe you just got lucky ( or perhaps unlucky, bcos of bad atk iv ) because Sacred Fire is a physical attack, not a special one. So SpD evs weren't helping you there.

    I just said "screw this" and replayed my FR version to get Master Balls. Yeah, I took the easy way.
    I stalled it with my Gatr. And got some win hax, because he missed Sacred Fire 3 times :D

    Ohshi-, that must've sucked. It seems that from time to time, the game likes to screw with us.
    No problem. Been there, still doing that. Heh, nice. Now you can breed that Timid Ghastly to get even better SpE Ivs :D

    Well, Factory is luck. Try the Battle Tower. I got like, 160+ wins and lost BECAUSE OF CRITS WTF.
    The problem wasn't the nature itself, it was his IV's.

    Here's a tip for you: Never get addicted to the Battle Frontier. It's bad for your health.
    Haha :p

    Btw, I haven't played pokemon for a long time ( a month and a half, I think ). Breeding for a decent Rotom worn me out >_>
    God, don't get me started on schoolwork >__>"

    The release date here is the same as for the US, so lucky me :D I'm probably going to get it on Monday, so I'm really excited about it.
    Heh, long time no see. And you're welcome.

    I think it comes out next Sunday or something like that. (Un)Fortunately, there aren't many pokemon trainers around here, so it's easy to buy a copy.
    I first took swimming lessons when I was five ( I stopped when I was 12, so I'm a pretty damn good swimmer, if I may say so :D ). But swimming with your clothes on is just too "weird", y'know?

    Heh. Yes, selling. Seriously, you're going to PAY someone for an ITEM?
    I don't feel like I've gone swimming fully clothed...
    Yeah.. I have...kind of.

    Well, win/win situation, am I right? That reminds me, I've actually seen some people SELLING their Lucky Eggs.
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