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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • How can I "have more indications of it being ubcloned"?

    Glitchy. It's cluttered, but I make sure to leave at least space for one/two private messages. It glitchy with the sent box being full too. I make room it works before, then still has room and it tells me I can't send anything until I make more room.
    Rather not. If you'd get it yourself or have more indications of it being uncloned, maybe I would. Sorry. The only thing I'm really looking for right now, is a Steelix (nicknamable) with a certain nature from the Japanese ORAS demo. But I'd need someone with a Japanese 3DS for that...

    Also, you inbox is full all the time. Is this normal?
    I still need to know if I trade for a shiny giratina caught in ORAS with neutral, timid, or modest nature that's uncloned, would that be fine? Again, it's just one other person besides me telling me it's legit and uncloned, and I'm not gonna clone it myself.
    Right, and I said that because you said that as well as being hopeful that it'd be good enough.

    My reply wasn't a poor attitude, though it started to feel like it wasn't gonna happen and no trade I worked on would be enough. While I get being picky for what you want and sorry for taking that the wrong way, but in the example of giratina, first it was neutral and now you say timid/modest. So was seeing right in last reply if you'd accept a neutral, timid, or modest shiny ORAS caught uncloned giratina. But then also the thing about like not trusting the trade...it's starting to feel like my trade offers will never be good enough; whether I get a shiny giratina you listed wanting or the demo steelix. Like I feel like I'd be facing a "is it truly legit" thing with anything. Again, I understand being picky and sorry for feeling annoyed about the first couple times trying to work out a trade, but now that someone's helping me get the giratina, I'm saying how it's coming off. I can only say what I know and from what I know the user is staff on this site and told me they found the giratina with lonely. But again, I'm asking is this a hopeless cause or if they help me and catch an ORAS shiny giratina with neutral/timid/modest nature and it's not cloned, will that be good enough?

    And also, my second to last (not counting this) vm was made after seeing that you have had logged in and never replied back. And since I'm trying to work out a trade with someone and needed to know and not getting a reply, I had to say I needed a reply.
    I said "I want it to have a beneficial Attack nature actually, but I don't want to kill any of his other stats xD". Lonely is beneficial to Attack, but also decreases Defense, which is really bad for Giratina. It's not like I don't 'want' to trade with you, but you can't expect me to be on stand-by for months to make a trade happen. I understand it's harder to get a trade done when you're looking for stuff via other people, because they can't wait forever either. But time doesn't stop here over my place or something - not everything on my wishlist stays the same, or unfulfilled for weeks. I can't just, nor do I want to, immediately be at someone's service when he/she wants something I have. It's also not easy for me to think of something I'd like to trade for this Piplup. If I think of something, it's something I want really really bad, and I'm not going to wait until someone gets it via via, if someone else happens to pass by and trade it with me (just an example). Something similar like this happened before numerous times, when you messaged me and I didn't reply within a few days. Well, sorry, I don't always check Serebii daily.

    So, in short, yes I do want to trade this Piplup with you. You're the one who wants something from me here, not really the other way around. I don't mind helping someone, but I'm not too keen on these expectations of dealing with each other. So please, just stay polite and don't forget there's another human being on the other side of the screen who isn't a robot that can be turned on or off whenever it fits you.
    You said you'd like beneficial attack, which lonely is...

    All you can do is trust the user. It's a staff member of this site who I can trade with and they'd get what they're looking for and I'd get the thing you're looking for so I could finally get a recital piplup. But now nature has changed to timid or modest, and I can see if they could syncronize with, but I've been trying and trying to work out a trade but you don't seem to want to. If they catch a neutral, timid, or modest nature shiny ORAS caught noncloned giratina, will you trade recital piplup?
    Can you please reply. Someone's been helping me with getting a shiny ORAS giratina and they got a lonely one and I'm waiting to hear back otherwise they need to look for a diff natured one.
    I am pretty sure you can'y get fossils in nest balls.

    Here's what i can give you:

    Gothitelle lvl 52 Female
    Quiet, Frisk, 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
    Shadow Ball
    Trick (move tutor move)

    This the most i can offer, and i could custom breed you almost ANY pokemon you want a lvl 1. Also, female oshawott isnt necessary
    I am in dire need of an HA oshawott, i can trade you a couple of pokemon:

    HA Kabuto
    HA Aerodactyl
    HA Tepig
    5 IV (ideal spread not guarenteed) HA Snivy

    I really really need one! Also, i think we have traded before...
    It's gotta be something wrong with this site. I know it's kinda full, but I tend to make sure I delete at the very least like the last pm I get or so for room. >.< I figured though if it was full last time when didn't hear back, there's always vms...

    What's a disadvantage nature for giratina? Or do you just mean only natures that don't benefit and disadvantage any stats?
    Good to hear! I'm pretty good too thanks! ^^
    (I just realised we've actually talked before, let's make sure this conversation lasts longer!! :D)
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