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  • Want to join my pokemon RPG? I'd invite you to my forum, but the guys there... are kinda mean.
    I love cookies, and I love people who give them out more. <3

    Anyway, if there's anything else you need, I can probably help. While my post count lies, I've been around here a while.
    Just wanted to say that your fanfic Magdalene has caught my eye. I've not had time to read more than a few lines, but it's got me hooked. The imagery in that first line is just beautiful. Anyway, I'm away from internet this weekend, so I've copied Magdalene to a PDF so I can read it offline. I'll write up a review and post it when I get back. :)

    (Also, when you reply to someone's VM, you have to go to their user profile and post it - they won't see it if you reply here.)
    As a result of inactivity between May 9 and the time of this message, your claim on Yamask on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    The lack of effort people display in writing always amazes me. The time one saves typing in shorthand is so minimal it doesn't make a difference.
    Unless they've got the same name as me, it wouldn't be me.

    It's good to see others willing to make an effort to have their messages readable.
    Yep, I'm a hunter too. I guess you could say that I'm an original one (meaning I began in the 2nd Gen when shinies were first introduced) so I've got a bit of experience under my belt. I'm probably going to go for Karrablast soon. Good luck on Zorua btw. :)
    Yeah, I was always being called a guy on other forums that I went to because of the other username I used, which I personally find to be hilarious. :p
    Congrats to:

    Zabi on her two Woobats (Especially Muffins! Love the nickname)
    I'm a guy. ^^; You thought I was a girl?
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