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Last Activity:
Dec 8, 2014
Jul 28, 2014
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LanceSiegfried was last seen:
Dec 8, 2014
    1. LeafeonTheVoid
      I thought it was over once Talon went down from BBirding your Dnite and then KO'd itself from the poison damage. Definitely look forward to battling you again sometime! :)
    2. LeafeonTheVoid
      I can't believe I didn't message you. GG! Your mons were really scary. I thought I was screwed several times in that match. :D
    3. LeafeonTheVoid
      Ugh... I'm so sorry. Okay, battling Wego nw and we can battle after if that's cool?
    4. LeafeonTheVoid
      I think I have to wait, so I'm free to battle if you still are?
    5. LeafeonTheVoid
      Darn, sorry man. I thought you logged out so I'm gonna be battling Wego and then Cutty. Would you be free after possibly?
    6. LeafeonTheVoid
      Mind if I challenge your gym? :)
    7. LeafeonTheVoid
      Thanks! Better watch out, I plan on challenging your gym sometime next week mate. :D
    8. LeafeonTheVoid
      Good news, I FINALLY got the Chespin I wanted! :D
    9. LeafeonTheVoid
      Thanks! I agree though, you can't be too picky or else you'll never have mons to battle with. :/
    10. LeafeonTheVoid
      Thanks. Some pokes I think look better in certain balls, but others I'm fine with just the Pokeball since it takes forever to breed anyhow...especially when it comes to obscure mons who have low gender ratios or two abilities on top of a HA...but for this one, I'm determined. My next planned mon is going to be a pain too, because I actually intend to shiny breed it. :/
    11. LeafeonTheVoid
      Niiiiiiice! I'm actually breeding a Chespin as a matter of fact. The male is perfect, but I really like how Chesnaught looks in a Nest ball. Every female has been awful though, yet almost every male has 3-4 IV's and most of the time Bulletproof.
    12. LeafeonTheVoid
      That's good to hear. It's going well on my end. Atm though, I'm having a hard time breeding this specific mon. It's been a pain since the ratio of male to female is low female to high male, ad the breeding pair I have has a male with a perfect 5IV spread but the female has only one IV (trying to pass down a special ball) ...and I bred for a stronger female, but every female only has one IV, or doesn't have the HA to pass down. >.>
    13. LeafeonTheVoid
      Hey there, how's it going? :)
    14. dragontamer44722
      I'm not gonna be able to play so it was just tentative. I'm going away on Saturday
    15. dragontamer44722
      well I was using the POkemon I was gonna use for the tourney, so I expected to do bad...just not that bad xD
    16. dragontamer44722
      well that sucked xD
    17. dragontamer44722
      took a little bit, I'm ready now.
    18. dragontamer44722
      ah sorry xD Somebody just challenged one of my gyms, so I'll battle you next.
    19. dragontamer44722
      hey, I know I've beaten you already, but did you wanna have a battle for fun?
    20. LanceSiegfried
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