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Last Activity:
Jun 15, 2016
Oct 8, 2012
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Something super special. What? I don't know. :P

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Follow my lead., from Germany

landshaymin was last seen:
Jun 15, 2016
    1. Shayminslicker
      That's what i've always wanted......that's a perfect battle theme. I also wanted the bitter cold battle form PMD.
      I remember one guy who hacked the game discovered DLC stages. And yes I think this is true because hacking discovers anything XD.
      The only stages I would want them to bring back is Pokemon Stadium and New Pork City. (Or Spear Pillar)
    2. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Well close list of mains like moi XP
      Yeah his Finals Smash kinda lacks if not properly aimed.
      I couldnt x.x
      That is if I have time :c I actually kinda stopped playing seeing as I went back to X and now to Alpha Sapphire <_>
      Well its there meow. I liked mah warrior princess so thats what Sworn did XP
    3. Shayminslicker
      There's always youtube! :D
      Well I guess that's why we have basements. Basements are really big...right? XD
      Yep! Yep! The two best songs to have in a Smash game that isn't Pokemon! Now if only Sakurai would add in PMD Or Pokepark music....
      We need DLC music tracks imo XD.
    4. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Eh...they're alright, I guess.....How about you....?
    5. Shayminslicker
      Nah....I wish though. It would be cool to play up to 8 players at a time online because....no ones going to play smash with me, well not in one room xD.
      I'm getting a couple of amiibos but I have seen them at level 50 and they don't seem all that tough.......
      Same here! I really want to listen to the music! They added reach to the stars from Sonic colors and the final boss theme of Bowsers inside story, and OMG They are the best tracks to put in this game!
      YES! :D
    6. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Haha of course :p I was gonna main Dark Pit but I didn't like him <_>
      I actually wonder about his Final Smash. <_>
      I don't use it that much honestly. The computer I use doesn't support Skype and on my phone is a hassle to use :c
      Thank you :P Pretty much a placeholder for what I ordered at Sworns' Shop <.>
    7. Shayminslicker
      As a Pokemon fan i'm excited for Mewtwo. Smash bros wise is ehhhhh.

      I do like the great cave offensive though. Now I only need 8 people to come over to my house to play it with me. Maybe they will allow 8 player gameplay online?
      I agree. Even though there really wasn't a point for it. It still looked great regardless.
      I wish I could listen to all of the Music. The 3ds's music was great, so I expect high quality music from the Wii U.
    8. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Awesome :P Who is yo main? D:
      Yeah I am kind of happy about his inclusion but I've never missed him since his Melee days since I didn't use him that much.
    9. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Yeah I cant grasp his play :'c
      Yeah pretty much XD Along with Dr. Mario. I missed him since Melee.
    10. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Well, I have enough money to easily buy it on release. But if I do, that means I have one less thing I could ask for Christmas, and I already have a pretty small Christmas list as it is.
      I don't think the promotion starts until spring 2015, and Christmas will certainly occur before then.
    11. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Ah, I see. I'm also still trying to decide if I should get Smash 4 Wii U on release or just wait and ask for it for Christmas.
    12. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      I wonder why they'd lock Celebi and Mewtwo to being event only, while all the other version exclusives could be obtained through Wonder Mail missions.
      I'm just browsing around here and on Smogon. What about you?
    13. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Neither did I, but at least I bothered to IV breed one so I wouldn't be screwed if I ever had to send it into battle.
      My 100% completion criteria for Explorers of Darkness includes having all 491 Pokémon in the game. But they only way to get Celebi in Explorers of Darkness is t have downloaded an even back in 2008, which I never did because I was busy serving the church I belong to at the time.
    14. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, but it is a bit of an annoyance that you have to use Gourgeist in every battle. My original plans were to be using Gengar, Mega Banette, and Aegislash and just let Gourgeist sit on the sidelines.
    15. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      It's going pretty well. Gengar and Mega Banette are working wonders for me.
    16. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, but burns are usually easy to predict and Stealth Rock has ways of be cleared out.
      Out of the new fighters, I probably enjoy Greninja the most, but I also like using Palutena and Rosalina.
    17. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, I've seen the data mining stuff. Mega Beedrill looks like a monster if you can use it right.
    18. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Ah, that's good! I actually didn't sleep long last night because I was up until 2 AM watching Rose Red.
      I'm fine. I've just recently finished a team for the Trick or Treat Friendly.
      I didn't see the Smash Direct, but I did see the news on Mewtwo. I'm quite glad to see Mewtwo return, as it was my favorite character from Melee.
      Sure, although I do have the Trick or Treat Friendly going on this weekend.
    19. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Hey! How's it going?
    20. Shayminslicker
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