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Recent content by Lapras_Lover

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    manaphy egg

    You only need Pokemon Ranger to get the egg... You don't have to go to a special event to get Manaphy.
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    The "What I got from GTS" Thread

    Pokemon So Far I Got From Gts:- * Pikachu * Golem * Swablu * Tropius * Combee
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    Final Evos Face-Off

    Charizard please...
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    Drifblim & Gastrodon please...
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    Normal Face-Off

    Hi AngelLatias! Hi AM, and WDt!!! I'm back. :)
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    ~Gastrodon~ Nobody cares that I'm back... :(
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    I'm back! :) ~Gastrodon~ please.
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    Winged Pokemon Face-Off!!

    ~Negative Vote~
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    Survival-Become the Last Pokémon Standing

    What the...? This round is based on luck... :( *sighs* Hurt I. Edit: Question:- Once a rock gets destroyed will you reveal who that person was?
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    NO! Lapras passed out... :( {~Kingdra~}
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    Secret Base Item Face-Off

    +1 Jigglypuff Doll -1 Baltoy Doll
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    Alphabetical Face-off!

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    Dark Face-off Version 3

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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    ~Lapras~ Go Baby! Go! :D I'm back by the way... xD
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    The Shiny Pokemon Face-Off! Ooh, Shiny!

    ~Original~ Original: 7 Shiny: 8